Quebec Province Sets 40,000 New PR Target For 2019

The province of Quebec of Canada has plans to admit 42000 new immigrants under the permanent resident visa. It may also issue as many as 24,800 certificate of selection in the coming New Year. This target includes the 23,450 immigrants through province’s economic immigration program including 19,500 skilled workers.

Majority of immigrants are expected to arrive through economic immigration programs including the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. This majority will include 59 percent of immigrants.

The province has also set the target for all its three streams of business immigration program i.e. investor program, self employed worker program and entrepreneur program for 2019. The target set is 3200.

Under the other economic categories such as caregivers, the target of 750 new immigrants is set.

The rest of the figure i.e. 1650 for the New Permanent Residents is expected to arrive through family sponsorship, refugee and other immigration programs.

As far as Quebec Selection certificates are concerned, the province plans to issue the same between 20,200 and 24,800 in the coming New Year.

As per the Canada-Quebec accord, the province has been allowed to select the majority of new immigrants in the province each year. This makes Quebec the only province of Canada with this sort of arrangements in the federal government of Canada.

Candidates who are issued CSQ can directly apply for Permanent Residency Visa through the Canadian government.

Under the plan of 2019 Skilled Workers are expected to receive between 2100 to 2800 CSQs.

The projection of admissions and CSQ has dipped down drastically from the previous years in reflection to the promise made by the new Coalition Avenir Québec government to cut down the level of immigration to around 10,000 per year on temporary basis.

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