Quebec Mayor Calls for Immigration Increase

According to the Régis Labeaume, mayor of Quebec City, there is a dangerous shortage of labour. He has called for increase in immigration in the city of Quebec.

Immigration was one of the top issues in his announcement recently.  There is an urgent need of filling up 17000 job vacancies in the region.

The recent statistics states that Quebec province receives the 6% of immigrant newcomers each year under the current Canada Immigration, but the actual number should be at least 10%.

This would mean that there would be increase of 2000 from the current level or around 5300 newcomers per year.

Elections Affect

This call has come from the mayor when the Quebec city is at the door steps of its elections that are to be held on 1st October 2018.

He has also made a point the Quebec’s would to be formed newly government after the election has also to take this matter seriously. They will need to reduce the processing time and generally make the immigration process easier.

More emphasis was laid on the French speaking immigrants due to the fact that Quebec people speak first language as French.

The changes that are being introduced in the Quebec immigration system include Expression of Interest system for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

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