Permanent Residents to Live in Regional Parts of Australia for Few Years

After the transformation in the Government of Australia, copious changes and modification have been made in rules and policies of Australian Immigration to make it more momentous and explicit. As the statement given by Australian population minister Alan Tudge, almost 45% of recent Permanent Residents would have to stay for the few years in Regional parts of Australia. Around 50% of newly Australian Permanent Residents are inclined to spend a few years of their Residency Program in Regional parts.

Australia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Scott Morison along with the cabinet has taken several measures and going to execute in upcoming months. As per the news, the large-scale section of Australian Immigration intake of Permanent Residents is likely to live in regional areas of Australia, prior moving to the big cities like Sydney or Melbourne. The idea behind this plan is to maintain the equity of population growth across the Australian state and territories. The Regional Settlement plan not only helps in meeting the shortage gap in regional areas but also help in keeping the control on population growth and overpopulation in big cities.

Alan Tudge, the recent minister for population and cities, in his recent speech, mentioned the Regional migration plan. Presently, only 5000 of total Australian Immigration intake get turned into Regional areas.  Howbeit, with the new plan around 50% of the new skilled migrants’ population would dwell in regional parts of the nation.

He also mentioned that this new plan is not going to change the employer-sponsored expats or the ones who have arrived in Australia through family reunion visas. Almost 45% of the permanently resident population is not circumscribed to any specific visa category and are likely to live in regional areas as an obligation. This scheme converges only on skilled migrants and contemplating to extend it for humanitarian refugee visa holders as well. Well, no punishment has been decided for those who breach this visa plight.

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