Ontario To Compete For Additional Skilled Immigrants In 2019

Canadian immigration is still on the rise at federal and provincial level despite reduction by Quebec in immigrant intake.

Canadian government has the target for 3,30,800 new immigrants in Canada in 2019. This is approximately seven percent increase over 2018 data i.e. 3,10,000. As per the federal government’s multiyear plan, the target for total number of immigrants through various economic, refugee and family programs tends to increase by 13 percent between 2018 and 2021.

Additional PNP Allocations To Ontario

Immigration is the spear head of labour and population growth in Canada and many provinces is aiming to increase the immigrant intake in order to fulfill the labour shortage.

The province of Ontario has confirmed that it would increase the immigrant intake in 2019 to 7,600 which inevitably would represent an increase of 1000 from the previous year intake i.e. 6600 and 26.7% increase in figures from 2017.

The new immigrant admission through PNP program of Canada reached a record high to 49, 724 in 2017 and it is set to have a target of 55000 in 2018. The projected target for PNP in 2019 is 61000.

Manitoba and Newfoundland Province Also Laud Benefits of Immigrants

Newfoundland and Manitoba’s immigrant growth is on rise as per the reports. They are on the same path as Ontario.

As the governments of both the provinces, there was an increase of 25 percent in the prospective immigrants intake as compared to 10 months of 2017.

Manitoba’s government has credited the PNP program of Manitoba for the impressive population growth which is amongst the fastest in past 3 years and has set a record in 2016.

The Manitoba’s PNP program has attracted 1,30,000 new immigrants in the province  in its past history of 20 years starting from 1998. It has also projected to increase 13000 new immigrants next year.

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