NSW- India Global Partnership to provide opportunities to agri-tech businesses

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) of New South Wales has started a program to build productive partnerships between NSW and Indian Agri-tech businesses.

To enhance the benefits and productivity of agribusiness of the state, Bruce Finney, DPI Director Business Development said the program is going to initiate through DPIs agriculture innovation center GATE. The aim will be to create a strong relationship with Indian agriculture tech-hubs for futuristic efficiency. He further added that, depending on embryonic opportunities and mutual interests, they will provide complete support for NSW-based startups and developing a business to help them expand on a global scale.

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This program will be raised through the NS Premier’s $1.58m partnership between NSW and India to perk up the State’s start-up technology and advanced manufacturing sectors. This program offers a lifetime opportunity for the companies to attain access to Industries and meet with new clients and investors.

The start-ups would have to join the NSW Subclass 190 visa India Ag-tech Exchange program which is going to take place in India this year. The GATE’s focus is on the companies with a product line, who are looking for considered partners to execute their plan into creation provided the company has to be in the initial stage or should be a start-up.

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With projects like this between New South Wales and India, it would surely create business opportunities between both the nation’s leading to immense opportunities. If you have plans to migrate to Australia and looking for PR visa guidance, you can always contact our Immigration experts. Contact us on +91-7042184185 or send your queries to info@makevisas.com.