IRCC Will Not Use Lottery Method For Parents And Grandparents Sponsorship And Take 20,000 More Applications Next Year

The IRCC will utilize the first-come, first-served approach to issue Invitations to Apply next year.

The IRCC will not use its random selection method for the Parents and Grandparents Program next year and will adopt a first-come, first-served approach to invite a prospective sponsor to apply. It was told by the Canada immigration authority on 20, August 2018 with a press release.

Except for this, the IRCC will take 20,000 new more applications next year via the Parents and Grandparents Program or PGP. The lottery system was chosen by the IRCC in 2017 to process applications for selection for the Parents and Grandparents Program. It was found unacceptable in spite of the claiming of the IRCC that will be fair and transparent. The government of Canada tried to assure everyone by saying that the random system will offer each and every candidate an equal opportunity to sponsor their parents and grandparents for Canada immigration comfortably. Ahmed Hussen, Canada Immigration Minister said, these changes demonstrate very well how serious the Canadian government is for assisting people in working and living with their family members in Canada.

Decreased Backlog Paves The Way For Increased Quota

The number of PGP applications was 26,000 in June 2018, which is much less than the number in 2011 that was 1, 67,000. The reduction to this extent has paved the way for the IRCC to increase the intake quota up to 20,000 in 2019. The IRCC original applications cap has doubled for this year that was set at 10,000 at the start of the year and increased to 17,000 last month. To manage this 2018 quota, the IRCC announced the second invitation round at the last of July, and those who are invited can submit the application till 5, October 2018.

According to the IRCC, a person wishing to sponsor their parents or grandparents in 2019 has to complete an Interest to Sponsor form online at the beginning of the year. In 2018, they were accepted from 2, January to 1 February.

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