Farm Worker Visa Proposed by the Australia Agriculture Minister

A special worker program is going to get introduced with effect to recent meeting held between Federal Minister for Agriculture and Minister of Immigration for the current picking season.

The farm worker visa would spotlight specifically the farm workers in order to hire and supply workforce for the busy picking session which lasts from May to August every year.

Littleproud, the agriculture minister remained a great supporter of this visa and has also spoken about how agriculture has been facing labor shortages especially in picking. So, resultantly farm worker visa will resolve the problem.

The need for specific farm visa realized by Littleproud was to facilitate the overseas farmers who have desire to operate in Australian farms through which they don’t have to wander by various visa categories. The proposal for current visa was to introduce multiple-entry visa of short duration without Labor Market Testing. Anyone applying to this visa is not needed to obtain any nomination from employers and is free to switch employers within the agriculture sector.

If the visa is not introduced shortly then farm owners have to tussle hard to find workers for the picking season, as reflected by Fiona Simson, the President of National Farmers Federation. She said that the major part of agriculture is dependent on migrant labor and the new farm visa would cater to the labor shortages arising in the field of agriculture, specifically fruit pickers and packers.

The main reason behind such labor shortage is that the locals didn’t find the sector attractive when compared to their financial priorities and long-term objectives. Everybody knows that agriculture jobs are seasonal and short term, so it does but receive much attention by the locals.

There is lot more to discuss about farm worker visa as announced by government of Australia but right now it is targeting at pilot program later this year. The government believes that the employers who will display credible workplace to work will only get access to overseas workers. To achieve this access, Fair Farm Certification scheme is the one pathway.

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