Canada Growing Popularity In Artificial Intelligence Due To Immigration Policies

Canada is confronting a booming reaction in the field of artificial intelligence globally which is mainly because of diversity and immigration policies framed by Canada. This was discovered by the by the top professionals in the AI (artificial intelligence).

Steve Irvine, a pro of Facebook and Instagram as well as the founder and CEO of integrate.ai, came back after two years ago to Canada in an urge to construct a new artificial intelligence (AI) company after devoting six years in California’s highly rated city Silicon Valley. Initially, when he developed the idea of setting integrate.ai in Silicon Valley it seemed like a cakewalk. But after doing the research he founded that Toronto would be a lucrative destination for the company set up.

Irvine while speaking in Fortune Magazine‘s Global Forum held this week in Toronto, declared the diversity of Toronto was one of the motivating factors in establishing integrate.ai there.

Diversity is the reality here in Canada,” he said. “We’re one of the most diverse countries in the world, Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and that brings a lot of perspectives on these issues. Not only can we get great top-end technical talent and research talent, but we naturally have a pool of more diverse candidates who bring interesting perspectives to the big issues we’re dealing with.”

Immigration Policies pave the way

The  Immigration policies like Canada’s Global Skills Strategy and its Global Talent Stream program, which are responsible for granting work visas to the international workers in minimum two weeks. The hard immigration rules of the current U.S. government under the rule of President Donald Trump are giving preference and added incentive to top AI minds who select Canada over Silicon Valley.

The task of bringing international talent into the country is tough as said in a statement by Irvin. He also stated that it is easy to get the talent in the country from visa perspective but with reference to the current geopolitical condition of the country, a big difference has been noticed. There are a plethora of top-notch talents that have changed their plans to migrate to Silicon Valley. Canada is perceived as a lucrative alternative by the talented individuals which is a great hub of opportunities and other unmatchable standards.

Canada’s ‘open to people’

Navdeep Bains Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development in collaboration to Irvin and Urtasun expressed “it is important to ensure that the Canadian companies are receiving foreign workers in the skilled occupation that are facing skill shortage in the current scenario.

“Immigration policies really differentiate [Canada],” he said. “When you’re seeing the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments, populist politics, nationalism, and our brand in Canada is that we’re open — open to trade, open to investment, open to people — that brand, that openness is so critical.”

Bains also said it is significant to have openness for innovative startups aiming to move to Canada. He said by referring to Global Talent Stream program, “If you’re a company, you’re moving very quickly, you have to be agile, you need access to talent, you need to scale up your business or you need certain technical skills, you can bring that individual to Canada in a matter of two weeks,”

“That’s a big, big deal and I think that’s why [Canada is] really well-positioned — we have a diverse domestic workforce, and we have access to global talent” quoted by Bains.

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