Entrepreneur Immigrants Can Avail The Opportunity Of New Regional Pilot Program To Be Launched By British Columbia

There is good news for the immigrants who would like to immigrate as entrepreneurs in Canada. British Columbia is one of the most prolific provinces of Canada and it will open a regional pilot program early in the year 2019, which will invite new entrepreneur immigrants to start business around the province.

British Columbia is known for large scale entrepreneur immigration from all over the world and the new Regional Pilot program to be started soon is a two year program. This pilot program is suppose to work in collaboration with the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) and will partner with communities which have a population of less than 75,000 people. Apart from this another pre-requisites is that the Community should be located at least 30 KMs away from the population.

Why British Columbia launched the Regional Pilot Program?

This Pilot program has been launched by the British Columbia Province because there has been an economic crunch that has been faced by the people of the province and there is lack of opportunities for the younger population. Through this approach of introducing a new program for the foreign entrepreneurs there will be creation of the economic opportunities and the financial prospects in the region will witness an upswing. It will be an all win situation as there will be a lot of businesses that will be created through this program and it will enhance the economic stature of the region and also support the new entrepreneurs to settle in the region.

Who all can qualify under the Regional Pilot Program?

Some of the pertinent eligibility criteria for regional Pilot program under the Entrepreneur Immigration are –

✍ The aspiring candidate should have a minimum investment balance of $100000

✍ The net worth of the candidate should be $300000 minimum

✍ The candidate should conduct an investigative Community visit

✍ The candidate should hold 51% of ownership of the enterprise

✍ Have at least 3 years of experience as a business owner and 4 years of experience as a senior manager in the last five years.

✍ The candidate should promise to generate at least one job for a Canadian citizen every year.

All the candidates who want to qualify under this new stream of selection will receive a score at the time they register after which all the high scoring candidates will be shortlisted and they need to further submit full application for review under the BC PNP.

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