Australia PR Annual Cap Limit May Face Cut Off By 30,000

For the past seven years, the ceiling limit for migrants has been 190,000 for Australia. But it seems, it’s soon going to see a sharp fall as the Australian Government is planning to cut off the limit by 30,000.

The annual cap for the last seven years has been firm under Labor and Coalition Governments, And, because of craze of settling in the Down under, the Immigration Department has always been able to meet the labor cap. There is no confirmation on the ceiling limit as the exact numbers are not finalized yet. Due to overpopulation in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the government is planning to take this huge step. Now, the focus will be on the skilled workers who can contribute to increase the economy of the Kangaroo Land. On the other hand, the agenda is to let immigrant settle in Regional areas of Australia tin order to obtain Australia Permanent Residency (PR) Visa.

The foremost principal is to allow the talented and well-versed Immigrants who can meet the standards and demand of Australia States. As stated by Prime Minister Scott Morrison,  the new obligations and conditions will be apply on the non-PR visa holders and the Government will assure that the regional areas get required number of skilled workers.

The intake of Immigration number is mainly under skilled and Family visas that directly offer permanent residency to the applicants. Well, the migrants who have plans to settle in Australia as a permanent resident have the right opportunity to apply as nothing has yet confirmed about the ceiling limit. For availing more information, you can call on official helpline number +91-7042184185 or write down your queries on info@makevisas.com.