Work to Residence Visa

Do you want to settle in a country where you have “laid back” work culture?  From scenic beauty, greenery to friendly people and culture, New Zealand is the dream destination for many overseas immigrants. Well, the work permit is one of the ways to settle in New Zealand permanently.

If you have required skills, qualification and work experience and interested in working in New Zealand than Work to Residence Visa is the one for you. Work to Residence Visa allows you to live and work in New Zealand under  New Zealand Immigration for the duration of 24 months and eventually you can apply for New Zealand permanent residency visa.

Work to Residence visa is of two types:

Work to Residence: Long Term Skill Shortage List Category

If you are qualified and highly talented in an occupation listed in the Long-term Skill Shortage List and have genuine intention to work in New Zealand for long-period can apply under this category.

Work to Residence: Accredited Employer Category

If you have received an employment offer from New Zealand accredited employer than, you can apply under this category.

What are the eligibility requirements for being qualified to Work to Residence Visa?

  1. Applicant should be less than 50 years of age.
  2. You need to qualify health and character requirements.
  3. You have real commitment to work in New Zealand.
  4. All the New Zealand laws should be followed by you.
  5. You must have eligible qualifications and even have an evidence of training program (if any).
  6. Your occupation should be there present in Long Term Skill Shortage List or you must receive an employment offer from the New Zealand’s accredited employer.

Eligibility requirements for Long Term Skill Shortage List Category:

  1. You should be less than 50 years of age.
  2. You need to qualify either through experience or training to do the job.
  3. You have to register yourself completely or provisionally as per your occupation needs and demands.
  4. You must receive a genuine employment offer which is present in the Long-term Skill shortage list and has full-time employment for the period of two years.

Eligibility requirements for Talent Accredited Work Employer Stream Category:

  1. You must receive an employment offer from New Zealand accredited Employer. The employer should be approved by Government and is in a need of highly skilled overseas immigrants.
  2. You must have authentic employment offer that offers full-time employment at least for the duration of two years with the minimum basic salary of NZ $ 55,000 annually.

Eligibility requirements of Talent (Arts, Culture, and Sports) Work Category :

  1. You should receive a sponsorship either from an Individual or any Authorized Organization.
  2. You must provide valid reason stating that how you and your work can contribute to the New Zealand economy.
  3. You must have extraordinary aptitude in your field (it can be arts, culture or sports). You must have received globally accomplishment or have made exceptional records.

Key benefits of Work to Residence Visa:

  1. You can live and work in New Zealand until the time visa is valid.
  2. You can apply for permanent residency after spending two years of duration.

If you have required skills and work experience and want to work in New Zealand and later want to get settle there on the permanent basis than,  you need to apply for this visa program. If you want to know further details, you can call the corporate hotline 011-48414141/ Email your queries on  or visit our   Official website.

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