Updated State Lists of NSW and SA With Special Conditions Imposed

South Australia and New South Wales the most livable states of Australia are known for providing immense opportunities to the International professionals who want to grow in their field. Immigration to SA and NSW, based entirely on your occupation and skills as Australia on continuous basis need the skilled workers who can contribute and increase the Australian economy.  For the year 2018-19, the occupation list of South Australia and New South Wales has been changed, and this year the major focus has been on the English language proficiency and there is no change in the pathways to attain Australian permanent residency. Check out the changes in the occupation list of South Australia and New South Wales:

Changes in South Australia

The agenda behind designing South Australia occupation list is to attract the International talent who can contribute to the economy of SA. Immigration South Australia allows people who have required skills and have genuine intention to work and settle in SA. SA offers quotas for high-points category and the point requirement increases during the program Year. There is the offer of a high-points pathway for the aspirants over the wide range of occupations, where they have to get a minimum of 80 points on the Department of Home Affairs’ points test.

With the revised list, there has come list of special conditions with number of occupations.

For example:



Special conditions

135112ICT Project Manager  Need to score at least 70 points and 7 bands in IELTS exam
139914Quality Assurance ManagerIELTS 7.0 is a must and the holders of subclass 489 visa, including offshore applicants, remain eligible


139913Laboratory ManagerIELTS score 7.0 is must and holders of 489 visa , including offshore applicants remain eligible
223211ICT TrainerProficient English requirements and available for both offshore applicant as well as 489 visa holders but inapplicable for high points holder unless they have 489 visa


261212Web DeveloperRequirement of 70 points and 7.0 bands in English.
254418Registered Nurse (medical)Requirement of minimum work experience of five years within the relative field
252711AudiologistProficient English as well as three years experience in the relative field

Updates in New South Wales

In New South Wales State of Australia, Skilled regional provisional visa subclass 489 allows an individual to live and work in the specified regions of New South Wales for the span of four years which is eventually a gateway for permanent residency. For being eligible to apply for permanent visa, the aspirant has to live for at least two years of span and work for at least one year in the specified region of NSW. On 7th September 2018, NSW updated its Northern Inland list and there is an addition of new occupations:



121211Cotton Grower
121214Grain, oilseed or pasture grower
121299Crop Farmers (nec)
121411Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer
233215Transport Engineer
251211Medical Diagnostic Radiographer

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