Know About Australia Immigration For 2020

Australia, the Land Down Under is a land of opportunities for migrants who are seeking good career opportunities and at the same time, looking for the comfortable . There was a movement of a total of 249, 700 immigrants to Australia last year by March 31st, 2019,  and this ratio was 4.9% higher compared to the 2018 data. And, having immense opportunities on the table in sectors like IT, Engineering, Hospitality, and Teaching, it seems 2020 is going to be promising for migrants.

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Here, we have come up with a few factors that makes Australia the best country to migrate:

a) Employment Opportunities

Land of Opportunities is the best place to live and work, with a copious amount of opportunities in a kitty to escalate career growth. The populous cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra are the top-notch destinations for people who are looking for employment opportunities. Now, the scenario is that even regional areas are also working on attracting immigrants for a better career.

b) Immigrant-friendly nation

Australia is known as people’s country and welcomes people from worldwide with open arms. Every year thousands of immigrants migrate to Australia once their application gets accepted. The Australian environment is of broad-ranging backgrounds allowing migrants to live peacefully in the region.

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c) No Language barriers

Outsiders who have command over the English language don’t face any kind of language barrier in the nation? Moreover, the nation is economical-stable, therefore, provides good accommodation and a pretty environment to live in. Being an English-centric country, living in Australia is always suitable for people who speak the language.

d) General Skilled Migration Programs

Australia Department of Home Affairs has numerous pathways to invite Overseas Immigrants who are qualified and can fit in the Australian working and living style. Immigrants who yearn to move to Australia can opt for any General Skilled Migration (GSM) category. General Skilled Migration has three main visa categories which are summarized as follows:

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1) Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa

Overseas Internationals who possess good skills and caliber are eligible to apply under this visa subclass and if they get selected, they can live and work anywhere in the nation. The visa application fee for the main applicant is $4,045 and it takes around 11 to 13 months to complete the process.

2) Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa

Under the Australian subclass 190 visa, Immigrants nominated from the state/territory government are eligible to apply under this program. Your occupation should be in demand in the state where you are applying for.

3) Skilled work Regional Subclass 491 visa

The new Regional visa called Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491 visa is applicable for those skilled workers who are open to the living and work in regional areas or territory. It is a temporary five-year working visa and has no standard processing time is available for this visa for now.

Skilled workers who want to apply under any of these programs have to score a minimum of 65 points on the Australia Immigration Points Calculator. Calculate your points on the Australia Immigration Points calculator. To be updated about the Australia Immigration news and updates, you can always have a conversation with the team over +91-7042184185 or send your queries at info@makevisas.com.