Confused To Select The Right Visa Program For Australia Or Canada

Australia and Canada are considered as the treasured destinations all over the globe. Plurality of the aspirants has both these countries as their favored immigration choices because of the copious comforts provided by the Government to its permanent resident and citizens. From top-notch healthcare facilities and immense employment opportunities to top educational hotspots and various investment programs options are some of the amenities that you don’t want to miss out and the decision of immigrating to these developed countries come in their mind. But, the chief disorientation crops up when you have to choose your final destination between both these countries. Both the nations, Australia and Canada, are immigrant-friendly and there is a profuse analogy, it could be cultural diversification, a plethora of natural resources, numerous employment opportunities, or a vision of treating and honoring all the ethnic group equal without any apartheid and favoritism.

There are numerous visa options that can for sure provide you the passport of Australia and Canada. To settle in the land of Maple Syrup, here are the few programs that lead to Permanent Residency:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry System
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker
  3. Immigrant Investor Program
  4. Canada Provincial Nominee Program

If you are looking forward to attaining Australia PR Visa, take a dive through the visa options that can directly provide you Permanent Residency in the kangaroo land:

  1. Points System: This is the most common way to apply for Australian PR visa where the applicant’s performance is being examined on the attributes like Age, qualification, work experience, English language proficiency etc. If you fit as per the standards of Australian government and score 65 points on the points system, you will be getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) by the Immigration Department and you get the PR visa post that.
  2. Sponsorship From State or Employer: Under this, your profile must be visible to the approved employers who are looking for the skilled expats who can contribute to their business and for the state nomination; you have to meet the nomination criteria.
  3. Sponsorship From Family Members: If your relative is living in OZ as a Permanent Resident or are citizens, they can sponsor you provided you have to meet the eligibility criteria.

If you are shortlisted based on the above factors, you will be asked to present your submission. Within the span of 60 days, you have to complete your process of visa filing.

To access an easiest and convenient way to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Australian PR Visa and Canada PR Visa, you must consult an Immigration expert. And, to get in touch with the adroit Immigration experts, feel free to get in touch with Make Visas, the best Immigration Consultancy in India. To avail more information about the visa processing, you can dial our official helpline +91-7042184185 or write down your queries at info@makevisas.com.