Check your Score using the New Zealand Points System

New Zealand is a popular Immigration destination in countries like India, China, and South Africa, etc. It’s transparent Immigration rules and different pathways to attaining permanent residency attract users. On top of that, other additional facets like employment opportunities for people from IT Sector, Engineers, and a great environment to live and work, help applicants in making their mind to settle permanently in this beautiful land. If you have the desired skills and experience in an occupation that has high demand in New Zealand, you are most welcome by this country.

Do you have plans to immigrate to New Zealand in 2019?

If you have plans to settle as a permanent resident in New Zealand , you have to apply for a permanent residency visa. New Zealand Permanent Residency visa works on the points-based system and to be eligible for apply NZ PR visa under the Skilled Migrant Category, you have to score at least 100 points in the Expression of Interest Pool.  But, to receive an invitation to apply (ITA), a candidate has to score high points in the Expression of Interest Pool.  Other important factors like Age, employment, work experience, education, family members living in New Zealand plays an important role in the process of New Zealand Immigration.

Interesting candidate has to meet the eligibility criterion which is given below:

a)      The age should be 55 years or less.

b)      Must meet the minimum English language requirements.

c)       You have to meet health requirements.

Check out the important factors of the New Zealand Points System:

FactorMaximum Points
Work Experience50
Skilled Employment50
Partner’s qualification (Recognized Level 9+)20
Skilled Work Experience in NZ (Bonus Points)10
Skilled Work Experience in an area of absolute Skills Shortage (Bonus Points)15

1) Age

The best part about New Zealand Immigration is that you can apply till 55 years. Candidates applying between the age bracket 20-39 receives maximum points i.e., 30 points and candidates with the maximum age bracket 50-55 receives lowest points i.e., 5 points.

2)  Skilled Work Experience

Candidates with work experience of 10 years and above get maximum points i.e., 50 points. On the other hand, if you have work experience between 1 -3 years are awarded 10 points. There’s a benefit of 10 points for candidates who have one year or above work experience in New Zealand. And, the candidates with work experience between 2-5 years get 10 points and 15 points for Six years and above work experience if they have skilled work experience in an area of absolute Skills Shortage.

3) Education Qualification

In this case, you are awarded score depending on the recognized level qualification as per New Zealand education standards. Candidates with Recognized Level 9 or 10 Qualification as per the New Zealand standard gets 70 points on the Points Calculator.

New Zealand also provides bonus points if your partner’s qualification comes under Recognized Qualification Level. You’re awarded 20 points if your partner has recognized level 9+ qualification and 10 points if the education is on Level 7 or 8.

4)  Skilled Employment

If you have a skilled employment offer in New Zealand or are completely working in NZ, you can easily get 50 points.

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