Why you should move to Australia?

Settling in the country which not only welcomes immigrants but provides suitable lifestyle and working opportunities to them is the best thing an individual can ever hope for, and Australia, the land of Immigrants is no exception when we talk about the country that has always supported Immigration. Australia ranks among the Top 10 countries to provide Quality life, the best education, and working opportunities. It’s been more than 30 years that Australia has not faced a recession.

Acceptance of people from every community, freedom of speech and Immigrant-friendly environment have made this Kangaroo land the first choice for immigrants who want to make Australia their new home. To make more addition to above factors, country’s large area is occupied by beaches and natural wildlife making it the best place to live as you are blessed with fresh air and pollution-free environment, also, the stable and robust economy, opens the doors for your better future and provide the best life to you and your family members.

As per the statistics, people of South Asian countries like China, India have the desire to move to Australia, especially Indians have become the highest community to become the permanent residents in Australia. The major part of Indians likes to migrate and lastly, settled in the populous cities of Victoria, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Going back to the past, in the era between 2004 to 2009, the Indians population got increased to 308,542, making it the second-largest Non-European community in Australia after Chinese –origin Australians. The process of moving to Australia is straightforward and to settle in there, you need to attain an Australian PR visa. PR visa comes with copious benefits and escalates your living style, leaving an enormous variation in your lifestyle, compared to your homeland and Australia.

a) Quality life

As per the UN report based on the data upon factors like economy, education, and Life-expectancy, the Land Down Under grabs the second position in providing the quality life and standard of living. Also, as per the reports of 2018, Australia scores 10th position amongst 156 countries in the happiest countries club and study shows that countries with the high number of migrants tend to be happy.

b) Education

Having the best and top-class internationally acclaimed universities, Australia is the best place to pursue your higher-studies as a permanent resident. Also, the Federal Government offers education loans to Australia PR Visa holders. Check out the various programs under Australian Study Visa Program.

c) Job Opportunities

There is a demand for every sector in Australia, be it from IT Industry or Engineering; immigrants have a good scope in their career. Having a work permit as a permanent resident allows you to work with any employer in any occupation. The Australian PR holders get the entitlement to be a part of trade unions of Australia.

d) Healthcare

Australia PR holders get the access to sponsored medicines and Medicare, the Australian healthcare scheme covers free and subsidized treatments by healthcare experts like Doctors, nurse practitioners, and specialists is a great help as this scheme takes care of the health issues of primary applicant and family members.

Australia has played a quintessential role in shaping the lives of immigrants who settle there for their bright future, providing permanent residency hits the number one. If you want to apply for Australia PR Visa and confused between the programs, contact our Immigration experts today. Call on official helpline +91-7042184185 or drop down your queries to info@makevisas.com.