What makes Australia the best country to get permanent residency?

Australia is the country of enthralling landscapes and spectacular beauty with the numerous opportunities in the field of employment.  Australia is the preferable choice of many immigrants across the world because of factors like a robust economy, modern lifestyle, multi-cultural societies and highly paid jobs. To live, settle and work in Australia, you need to have a Permanent residency in Australia. If you have plans to settle in Australia permanently, you must apply for permanent residency through different visa categories.

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Why is Australia preferred as the best place among immigrants?

The Land of kangaroos is known for its high standard of living and for freedom of thoughts. This developed nation not only welcomes immigrants with open arms but also provide numerous benefits to them. Australia offers various visa categories for the immigrants through which you can migrate to Australia in a hassle-free manner. Whether you are a child or parent, student or a skilled worker, Australia welcomes every one open-heartedly, all you have to do is apply for the right visa category. Let’s check out the reasons that make Australia the best country to get permanent residency:

a) A plethora of career opportunities

Australia has a strong economy and every sector whether it is IT, Farming or Management has market value. Due to a large number of Industries and companies, there are numerous employment opportunities for localities as well as for the overseas immigrants.

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b) World’s best education system

Australia stands on 8th position worldwide for its education system. Australia education system is either free or subsidized for primary, secondary or tertiary education. The best part about Australia education system is that it not only focuses on academic grades but also on the factors that improve the overall personality of the children.  Well, English is the vital language of Australia; therefore, there is an equal focus on other languages.

c) Best healthcare system and medical facilities

Whether you are an Australian citizenship or permanent resident, you get the access to the best health care system in Australia. Medicare is the Australian Scheme that provides healthcare and medical facilities. Under Medicare Scheme, there is free accommodation as well as treatment for public Medicare patients.

d) World’s best vibrant cities

Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Victoria, and Perth are the most liveable cities and have immense growth opportunities for every migrant. These cities have the best infrastructure, health environment, medical facilities and the high number of jobs.

e) Pathway to citizenship

Immigrants can apply for Australian citizenship after meeting certain requirements. The key point is that Australia is open for dual citizenship which means the child who is born in Australia is eligible for Australian citizenship even if their parents are not qualified for it yet.

f) Climatic conditions

Australia is known for its beauty. Pleasant weather, eye-soothing scenery, greenery, low pollution, fresh air are the factors that make Australia really beautiful.

Australia Immigration System

Australia Immigration system is coherent and straight-forward. The laws and policies are designed in such a well-organized way that it is easy to go to Australia hassle-free. Australia Immigration consists of the points system and is the most common gateway to move to Australia. The points system consist of factors like Age, qualification, work experience, English language ability etc. and candidates have to meet all the requirements in order to be eligible for the Australian visa.

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Some of the factors that make Australia the best place for immigrants:

a) Australia has the world’s best healthcare and medical system.

b) After the UK and USA, Australia is the most loving country for education. Australia provides the best education system.

c) Australia cities like Melbourne ranks among the most livable cities in the world by the Economists.

d) Australia support largest immigrant populations in the western world.

e) Australia’s 24% of the population is of migrants.

f) Australia has the world’s 9th largest overseas immigrant population.

g) As per the latest UN Survey, Australia ranks 2nd in the world for the best quality of life.


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