Are You Working In Australia? Check Out The Options To Obtain Australian PR

Many workers who hold TSS Visa oftentimes think that they can apply for Australian Permanent Residency via opting the Temporary Residence Transitional Pathway through the ENS visa or RSMS visa. But, the contemporary changes made in Employed sponsored visas, including the initiation of the Skilling Australian Fund levy, and the one whose occupation is enlisted on the Short-term Skilled Occupation list (STSOL), it’s the high time to think of the Skilled Migration Visa through the state nomination.

Apparently, Every Australian State/Territories offer numerous offers manifold entitlements and immunities to the aspirants who are living and working in the state while holding one of the Temporary Visas.

Check Out the Entitlements Given by the State and Territories of Australia:


The aspirants must have met all the requirements:

1)    The applicants who are currently ‘working in Queensland’ (onshore) must have an occupation on the Queensland Skilled Occupation List (QSOL).

2)    Every single requirement, beginning from the points factors (age, qualification) to registration/licensing, need to be fulfilled.

3)    Have to submit the valid proof of full-time employment in their nominated occupation for the last six months.

4)    If the applicant has been employed via labor hire company, he/she needs to provide any evidence to support that the company is registered in Queensland.

5)    Must have full confinement to reside and work in QLD for the minimum span of two years after the visa approval.

6)    Should submit the proofs providing full information about the current employment with a QLD employer registered in Aussie for the next 12 months.


To be eligible to apply to Work in Tasmania, the aspirants have to go through the below requirements:

1)    You must have nominated an occupation from the Skilled Occupation list for Subclass 190 and Subclass 489 visa.

2)    You must have merest work experience for six months in Tasmania prior to the application send for the state nomination

3)    The employer under whose leadership you are working must have the active business in Tasmania State for the past 12 months and there is an authentic requirement of your position within the business.

4)    You must be employed in your nominated occupation.

5)    You and other family members (if any) are currently residing in Tasmania and have a genuine commitment to last their stay in Tasmania.

6)    Your job must be of at least 35 hours per week if it is full-time or in two-or-more part-time and you have valid shreds of evidence to support your employment claims.

South Australia

The aspirants presently residing in SA have the plethora of occupations for the nomination, including State nominated occupation list, Supplementary Skilled Occupation list, and State nomination for the Subclass 190 under the occupations mentioned as “Offshore Applicants Provisional Subclass 489 Visa only”.

The applicants have to meet all the below-given criteria to be eligible:

1)    The applicant is presently working in the regional areas of SA for the past six months or in Greater Adelaide in their nominated occupation for the past 12 months (the minimum working time should be 20 hours per week).

2)    Must have proficient English speaking skills until unless your occupation requires registration in South Australia.

3)    Have to meet the work experience criteria set by Immigration SA.

Northern Territory

Piles of requirements need to be met by the applicants who are currently living and working in the NT State, and if some applicants manage to show positive employment prospects are exempted from certain special requirements. Subclass 482 Visa holders must fulfill the requirements:

a) The applicant must have lived in the state for the six months prior applying to the state nomination.

Western Australia

Te applicants with at least 12 months work experience in the state and a full-time contract job offer providing 35 hours per week in the nominated or closely related occupation are eligible to apply for WA State nomination.

Note: Currently, WA dealing with the medical occupations only.


While assessing visa application for State Nomination, the Government of state focuses on the aspirant’s eligibility to go through the assessment criteria beyond the minimum requirements, including:

  1. The demand for skills and their capability to find work in Victoria.
  2. Qualifications, skills and work experience, and any special capabilities should be valid as per the need of Victoria’s labor market.
  3. The commitment to settle in Victoria for the long-term.

New South Wales

There are no fast rules for the applicants living currently in NSW, and the applicants are nominated as per the preferences:

  1. Occupation
  2. English language proficiency
  3. Skilled employment
  4. Australian Immigration Points System

Australian Capital Territory

The applicants already living in the ACT and have an occupation mentioned on the ACT list is eligible for the state nomination.

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