Quebec Skilled Worker Program’s Portal Open

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program portal is now open from 18th September 2018. Under this, the candidates can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency by expressing their interest through Quebec Skilled Worker Program and creating their profiles through Arrima. Creation of profile with Arrima is the first step for Quebec Immigration.

Expression of Interest (EOI) system was launched by Quebec immigration in the month of August to fasten the immigration system for Quebec. This helped to replace the first come first served application process and reduced the processing time to less than 12 months.

Application Process

Candidates aiming for the Quebec Immigration has to follow a set of procedure in order to be eligible for the province immigration. Following is that procedure:-

  • Submit Expression of Interest through Arrima portal and entry into the Quebec’s Expression of Interest Bank
  • Quebec Selection Certificate invitation to apply.
  • CSQ Application to Quebec Immigration Ministry, MIDI.
  • Submission of complete form to federal government for Canadian PR

Interested candidates can apply for the Quebec Immigration through the above procedure.


In order to proceed further, initially the candidates need to fulfill some eligibility criteria in order to proceed further. Following are the eligibility criteria:-

  • Foreign candidates must be 18 years or older while submitting the expression of interest.
  • Candidates are ranked against the competition in the QSWP’s expression of interest bank.
  • Candidates score should be atleast the passing score as decided by the QSWP Points Grid.
  • Candidates ought to score atleast 43 points for Employment Factor.
  • The employability cut off score of candidates with the spouse or common law partner is 52.

There is only limited information provided by the MIDI how they will rank the candidates. It has been indicated as the ranking system but it would differ from the Federal Express Entry system’s Comprehensive ranking system.

Working of Arrima

Candidates will have to wait for their turn to access the portal in sort of a virtual waiting room.

The interested candidates will be allotted 90 minutes once the access the granted to them. Candidates must save the information once they start with the filling the form as the session expires after 90 minutes.

Candidates have 30 days to fill up the details which will remain valid for one year.

Registered candidates can modify the details in whole year in the EOI pool. Those who wanted to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate have a time span of 90 days in order to submit complete application.

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