Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator is designed by the Government to select the candidates eligibility,  applying under the Quebec Skilled Worker program. A total of 50 points need to be scored if the applicant is single and 59 points are the minimum points which should be obtained if you have a spouse or common-law partner.
Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is a point-based system used to choose the applicants who can meet the province requirements. The points are given on factors like age, education, qualification, work experience, language ability, adaptability etc. The candidates who get the Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificat may apply for Canada Permanent Visa. The applicants with a minimum QSWP eligibility score can apply for PR Visa.

Apart from that,  candidates have to also keep a check on Occupation List of Quebec province in order to check whether their experience would be relevant to the province or not. The province keeps on updating its occupation list from time to time.

The Quebec PNP Skilled Worker Points Calculator is below:

Following is the overall points table for the Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker Program. A candidate may refer to it in order to judge what sort of points would be provided to them in each category.

Education14 points (Cutoff Score = 2 points) Max.
Area Of Training12 points  Max.
Validated Employment Offer14 points Max.
Work Experience8 points Max.
Age16 points Max.
Language Proficiency22 points Max.
Stay And Family In Quebec8 points Max.
Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics 17 points Max.
Presence Of Accompanying Children 8 points Max.
Financial Self-Sufficiency1 point Max.

Following is the break up of the above points. This helps to know better what points are taken into consideration under each category.

1) Education (maximum 14 points):

In order to be eligible for QSWP, the candidates ought to possess at least a diploma which should correspond to the general or vocational high school diploma in Quebec. Maximum 14 points can be awarded under this category.

General high school diploma2*
Vocational high school diploma6
General post-secondary school diploma (full-time for 2 years)4
Technical post-secondary school diploma (full-time for 1 year)6
Technical post-secondary school diploma (full-time for 2 years)6
Technical post-secondary school diploma in section A or B training area (full-time for 1 or 2 years)10
Technical post-secondary school diploma (full-time for 3 years)8
 Technical post-secondary school diploma in section A or B training area (full-time for 3 years)10
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 1+ years)4
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 2+ years)6
 Undergraduate degree (full-time for 3+ years)10
 Master’s degree12

*Education Factor cut off for QSWP

2) Areas of Training (maximum 12 points):

Under this stream, candidates are allocated the points for their individual field of study or the area of training based on the Areas of Training List which is published by the Quebec Government. The points value assigned to the particular field of study is determined by labour market needs in the province.

Section A12
Section B9
Section C6
Section D2
Section E0
Section F0
Section G0

3) Validated Employment Offer

Employment is also counted as one of the factors while judging the eligibility under the Quebec Immigration program. Maximum 14 points can be allocated to a particular candidate under the validated employment offer category which is based on the location of a candidate’s job.

Following table explains the points system under the validated employment category which explains what all points would be alloted to the candidates if they are in the metropolitan area of Montreal and if they are outside of this area.

Validated employment offer in the metropolitan area of Montreal8 points
Validated employment offer outside the metropolitan area of Montrealup to 14 points
a. Abitibi-Témiscamingue13
b. Bas-Saint-Laurent12
c. Capitale-Nationale14
d. Centre-du-Québec13
e. Chaudière-Appalaches14
f. Côte-Nord12
g. Estrie13
h. Gaspésie10
i. Lanaudière13
j. Laurentides12
k. Mauricie12
l. Montérégie14
m. Nord-du-Québec12
n. Outaouais13
o. Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean12
Maximum14 points

4) Work Experience:

Work experience is yet another factor which helps to decide the candidate’s eligibility for the Quebec province. Maximum up to 8 points that can be awarded under the work experience category.

Following are the Conditions Under The Work Experience Category:-

a) The ‘work experience’ term includes employment of paid nature either of full time or part time. The experience acquired through internships, whether unpaid or paid, may be counted as experience if the final outcome is diploma being granted to the candidate.

b) The experience acquired by the candidate should be accumulated during 5 years that precede the application date and must be above the skill level D mentioned in the occupation list.

Following is the Point System Under the Work Experience Factor of the Quebec Skilled Immigration:-

Less than 6 months0 points
6 to 11 months4 points
12 to 23 months4 points
24 to 35 months6 points
36 to 47 months6 points
48 months and over8 points
Maximum8 points

5) Age Points Grid:

Age factor is also considered as one of the factors considered in Quebec Immigration. Maximum points that can be allocated under age criteria are 16. Following is the points table that can explain the different points allocated to  different age groups:-

18 to 3516

6) Language Proficiency (maximum 22 points)

The language proficiency factor is judges on 2 languages i.e. English and French. In order to be eligible to gain points under the language proficiency criteria, candidates must submit the language test results. Maximum up to 22 points can be awarded under this category.

French Language Proficiency (maximum 16 points): (TEF)

Following are the points allocated under the French Language proficiency. Maximum of 16 points can be allocated under the French Speaking Proficiency. Following is the point system under this category:-

SkillLow Beginner (A1)High Beginner (A2)Low Intermediate (B1)High Intermediate (B2)Advanced (C1)Advanced (C2)
Listening0 points0 points0 points5 points6 points7 points
Speaking0 points0 points0 points5 points6 points7 points
Reading0 points0 points0 points1 point1 point1 point
Writing0 points0 points0 points1 point1 point1 point
Maximum16 points

English Language Proficiency (maximum 6 points): (IELTS)

English is also another language who’s official score needs to be submitted while the visa application is processed. Candidates are allocated points according to the following table:-

SkillBeginner (CLB 1-4)Intermediate (CLB 5-8)Advanced (CLB 9-12)
Listening0 points1 point2 points
Speaking0 points1 point2 points
Reading0 points1 point1 point
Writing0 points1 point1 point
Maximum6 points


Spouses who would accompany the candidates have to obtain up to six points in oral French Speaking skills. Following table shows the breakup of points allocated to the spouses or common in law partner, in each skill for the spouses.

Skill(CLB 1-6)(CLB 7-8)(CLB 9-12)
Listening0 points2 points3 points
Speaking0 points2 points3 points
Reading0 points0 points0 points
Writing0 points0 points0 points
Maximum6 points

7) Stay And Family In Quebec (Maximum 8 points):

Under the category of Stay and Family in Quebec, maximum points allocated to the candidates are 8. If a family member wants to gain points under this head, their one family member should be a Canadian citizen or Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) holder. The following table shows how much points a candidate can gain under different conditions:-

Staying in the province of Quebec

Studies for vocational training diploma (DEP) or an attestation of college studies (AEC) attesting to a total of 900 to less than 1,800 hours, combined with full-time work experience in5
Québec, related to the field of training, for a period of at least 6 months after the program of studies
Studies for vocational training diploma (DEP) or an attestation of college studies (AEC) attesting to 1,800 hours or more, a diploma of college studies (DEC) preuniversity or technical or an undergraduate, graduate or master’s diploma5
Work with a work permit of atleast 1 year and full-time work experience of six months5
Another stays for no less than 2 weeks and not more than 3 months1
Stay exceeding 3 months2
Maximum5 points

Family in the province of Quebec

Nature of RelationshipPoints
Spouse or common-law partner3
Son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister3
Grandfather or grandmother3
Uncle or aunt, nephew or niece, cousin0
Maximum3 points

8) Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics (Maximum 17 points)

Spouse or Common-law partner factors is another factor that is counted in Quebec Immigration. Maximum upto 17 points are allocated under this particular category. Candidates must provide proof of language test results while claiming for the said factor under Quebec immigration.

a) Spouse/Common-law partner Education

Spouse or Common Law partner are allocated the points according to the different educational levels as well. Following are the number of points allocated under each level of education:-

Education LevelPoints
Secondary school general diploma1
Secondary school vocational diploma2
Postsecondary school general diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies1
Postsecondary technical diploma attesting to 1 or 2 years of full-time studies2
Postsecondary technical diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies3
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 1 year of full-time studies1
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies2
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies3
Master’s degree attesting to 1 or more years of full-time studies4
Maximum4 points

b) Spouse/Common-Law Partner Area of Training

Second criteria spouse or common-law partner are judged upon the area of training as well. Following are the points allocated to candidates under the area of training category:-

Area of TrainingPoints
Section A of the areas4
Section B of the areas3
Section C of the areas2
Section D of the areas1
Section E, F or G of the areas0
Maximum4 points

c) Spouse/Common-Law Partner’s Age

Spouse or Common Law’s Partner Age is also one of the eligibility criteria under Quebec immigration. Maximum 3 points are allocated under the age factor. Following are the points allocated at each level:-

18 to 353
Maximum3 points

d) Spouse/Common-Law Partner’ Language Proficiency

Spouse or Common-Law Partner has also to submit the requisite language proficiency test scores. Following are the points allocated to them under different sections:-

French ProficiencyPoints
Listening2 – 3
Speaking2 – 3
English Proficiency0

9) Presence of Accompanying Children (Maximum 8 points)

Accompanying children can also help the candidate to gain the points in the Quebec immigration. Maximum of 8 points can be allocated under this category. Following is the table that depicts the points that are calculated under different categories:-

Age of ChildrenPoints
For each child 12 years of age or younger4
For each child 13 to 21 years of age2
Maximum8 points

10) Financial Self Sufficiency

A candidate has to submit the complete financial self-sufficiency contract to Ministry of Quebec in order to be eligible for the program. Candidates are allocated just a 1 point for the same. Following is the table that depicts the point allocated:-

Submit a contract to prove financial self-sufficiency1
Maximum1 point

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