Know about the Australian SISA Visa

South Australia is all set with a new Entrepreneur program to attract able entrepreneurs from across the world. The state of South Australia has nominated by the Australian Government to pilot the new SISA (Supporting Innovation in South Australia) Visa. The SISA Visa has come to the table to attract promising entrepreneurs in rising sectors. Entrepreneurs connected with the Industry of cybersecurity, space, defense, big data, agribusiness, and medical technology are on the precedence list.

This program is totally poles apart from other entrepreneur visas that have financial requirement clause. The applicants who want to apply for this program must have a well-built and pioneering business idea to offer to the Government. The applicant should be less than 45 years of age to apply for SISA visa. With the support of the South Australian Government, eligible applicants have to apply for an endorsement. The applicants must be approved by the Department of Trade, Tourism, and Investment. After getting approval, the applicants can apply for Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408 to the Department of Home Affairs.

The time duration for the SISA Visa pilot is from November 2018 to November 2021. The validity of your visa solely depends on the time when you the visa is granted to you. To be more precise, if this visa is granted to you in June 2019, your visa legitimacy would be for 2 years and 5 months, since this visa will be ending in November 2021. The current fee for this visa application is $285 but variation would be there. You have to give details about your financial funds in order to take care of yourself in SA. You get the benefit of sponsoring your family members on this visa. The right to work and study in Australia is given to accompanying family members.

Temporary Activity Subclass 408 is a temporary visa and is not a pathway to attain Permanent Residence.  To apply for Australian PR, you have to meet the eligibility requirements and need to follow the process of PR visa.

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