Canada- the best Immigration destination for Engineers

Did you know, around 25% of Engineers in the world are produced by India every year? Engineering is an influential and renowned degree and has high demand in urbanized countries like Canada. Being the immigrant-friendly country, Canada offers endless employment opportunities to the holder of engineering degree with exceptional skills. From the past several years, it has been examined that the ratio of engineering graduates immigrating to Canada has been tremendously increased. There are numerous reasons for choosing Canada as a workplace and later, as a home to settle permanently. The chief reason for Engineers to make Canada their new home could be high salary packages along with the magnificent quality of life.

Engineering happens to be a licensed profession in Canada, includes sub-domains like civil, electrical, mechanical, and software. As per the reports titled ‘The Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025, Canada is going through a shortage of engineering specialists with an experience above 10 years. This report gives the crystal clear picture of the demand of engineers in provinces and brings to light the lasting significance of this profession in Canada.

The report suggests the vital need of newcomers to replace retiring engineers, mainly in fields like civil, mechanical, and computer engineers. The demand is to fill the vacant positions left by the retiring people. In regard to this, Canadian Universities are taking a step to train new engineers by issuing more degrees and organizing numerous training programs to make them ready to improve the Canada scenario by contributing. And, Universities like Quebec and Ontario are playing a huge role in this venture. There is another alternative to meet the growing needs of Canada – Express Entry program, organized by the Federal Government allows International skilled workers to be part of the nation and address the issues.

Have a look at some of the interesting points related to engineering degree holders:

a) Civil Engineers

To believe the recent estimation, on an average 2,500 job opening are going to happen in the next five years. The industry that requires civil engineers is going to introduce a total of 1,000 jobs opening every year. Because of the overage factor many retiring workers are going to swap and lead to the generation of around 1,500 new openings.

b) Mechanical Engineers
There is an estimation of around 2,100 new job openings over the next five years and around 1,270 jobs will take place due to the replacement demand.

c) Computer Engineers
A total of 800 new jobs taking place each year for computer engineers for the next five years. High demand for engineers is in provinces like Quebec and Ontario.

d) Chemical Engineers
There is a generation of 400 new jobs each year for the next five years. Furthermore, the Canadian Universities hoping to issue 1,300 degrees in Chemical engineers to get the best and talented new graduates in the occupation.

e) Electrical and Electronics Engineers
There is an estimation of around 1,800 new jobs openings for the coming five years. Around 1200 jobs out of 1,800 will be created by replacing the retiring employees.

Prior migrating to Canada, you should be aware of the fact that Engineering is a licensed occupation in Canada and its licensing procedure is different for every participation province/territory. Also, an online tool generated by Engineers Canada is available that provides sufficient information about the migration Canada process as Engineers.
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