Why Australia Continuous To Be The Topmost Immigration Destination?

It is not a secret that Australia is an apogee Immigration destination for Skilled Workers as well as students who wish to excel in their respective field. Whether you’re a student or a job-seeker, Australia always welcomes migrants with open arms and as per the latest reports, Australia has been considered as the approved destination by individuals across the world.

According to the recent report of Global Wealth Migration Review 2018, this kangaroo land is considered as the most lovable destination for the third continuous year, and half of the aspirants belong to the South Asian countries like China and India. Moreover, the latest report says that about 10,000 highly net worth individuals with per capita income equal or more to 1 million USA or Australian dollars have been relocated to Kiwis land in the year 2017, where bulk population gushing in is from China, India, and the UK.

As per the latest survey, Melbourne and Sydney are the topmost 10 cities across the globe that has millionaire immigration. The other attributes like the safest environment, fair government policies, equality makes it the best nation to live in the globe. With close tie-ups to Asian countries, it is the best place to expand or start a new business in China and Japan. One of the perks of doing business in Australia is, it is free from inheritance taxes. Shifting to safety, as per the appraisal 2018, Australia was ranked as the safest nation in the entire world by women.

Factors That Make Australia the Best Immigration Destination Among the Immigrants:

  1. Kiwis land is the fifth richest nation per capita, having personal capita of 279,200 US Dollars. Nations like the USA lags behind in this race as its annual capita is around 193,400 US Dollars. About 28% of total per capita is acquired by the individuals having personal capital of 1 million US Dollars.
  2. Not only in advanced and latest sectors like IT and Medical, but Australia has also commanded in the Agricultural field. Agriculture sector feeds approx. 60 million of the population every year.
  3. The unemployment rate is extremely less as compared to the countries like the US and the UK, and Europe.

Not only in the field of employment but also for the aspiring students, Australia has emerged as the. It is also a reliable place for the wealthiest individuals who have the desire to start or expand their Business in Australia. If you are thinking of moving to Australia, you can contact our Immigration Experts by calling on +91-7042184185 or mail your queries to info@makevisas.com.