Germany is all set with new Immigration laws to attract non-EU citizens

Germany is a hub for the International workers who migrate to overseas for better career opportunities. Recently, immigration law has been passed from the Federal Government of Germany to attract skilled workers from outside the EU in order to meet the unremitting shortage happening in the labor market.

Business Leaders have already raised a campaign to relieve immigration legislation, debating about the issue related to the lack of shortage of workers which have eventually restrain the economy and the effects would be shoddier if it will continue to happen. The Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz or Skilled Labor Immigration Law – will help the employers to recruit the skilled workers from outside the European Union, providing that there are no capable German and EU workers to fill the shortage.

This also depicts that current refuge seekers who have managed to find work for themselves but are facing banishment due to the breakdown of their claims.  The law has been the chief topic of debate and modification were being made.  Few of the cabinet members thought there would be no general agreement on the law in Germany’s governing grand alliance.

The rightwing populist Alternative für Deutschland party and parts of Angela Merkel’s conservative alliance have numerous times mentioned that they apprehend whether the law will promote low-skilled migration.  Improbable, the UK debate on skilled worker migration, the issues of salary thresholds and quotas have barely been mentioned. As per the reports of the Federal Labour Office, there are around 1.2 million jobs are vacant in Germany ranging from lorry drivers to carpenters and care workers. The legislation will make sure that it is convenient for employers to get the skilled workers from outside the EU who can contribute to the economy and the position is not being fulfilled by the localities.

Now, the employers don’t have to be through the lingering and bureaucratically oppressive process to prove that no local worker is able to fill the exacting role. Even, they are free from restrictions of an official list that consists of the jobs that are facing the shortage. The majority of Anti-immigration emotion is high in Germany. Alexander Gauland, the co-leader of the AfD, has termed it a new pathway for overseas workers to come to Germany. The reports provided by the German economic Institute (IW) has anticipated that the economy due to the unavailability of workers to fill the vacancies has cost the economy around €30bn.

Joachim Pfeiffer, an economist expert from the CDU, has welcomed this law saying that Germany needs skilled workers. And, the requirement of qualified workers is on demand and this law helps Germany to get qualified workers who can contribute to the economy.

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