Is Canada, the Maple Syrup land your dream destination? Do you have plans to immigrate to the country but don’t know about the eligibility criteria as well as the process of Canada Immigration? If yes, you can still be relaxed and avail the nitty-gritty about the PR visa which enables you to live and work in the country on a permanent basis. You need to buck up yourself if you want to make Canada your new home as the year 2019 has knocked the doors of aspiring people with a plethora of opportunities in hand.

Prior to applying for the Canada PR visa, the applicants must have complete information about the process. Starting with permanent residency, everyone has heard of it but don’t know what benefits and entitlements this status holds. Permanent residency is a status given by the Canadian Government to the non-citizens of Canada who wish to live, travel and work in the country on the indefinite period of time. The permanent residency status holds numerous government benefits ranging from free education to kids to healthcare benefits to insurance.

Go through the PR visa requirements for the year 2019:

It’s quite obvious that at the beginning these visa requirements look quite stern but when you explore about it, it will be easy to understand because the Canadian Immigration process is quite straightforward and flexible. In order to apply for Canada PR Visa an applicant has to march through below-given requirements:
a) The minimum settlement funds for a single applicant is around 8 lakhs an nd for self and spouse, it varies from 10-12 lakhs. The applicant must have sufficient funds (banking deposits, PPF, EPF, Fixed Deposit) to look after their expenses.
b) Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from Canadian Assessment Authorities (WES, IQAS, etc.)

c) Your health and police clearance certificate should be completed positive and there should be no sign of involvement in any illegal activity or any major health issue.
d) The applicant must have command over English or French language. They have to give IELTS or CELPPIP English exams and TEF French exam to show their language proficiency.
e) You have to meet the other additional documents required by the Canadian Government.

Every visa category has its own set of eligibility criteria that is based on a points-based system to get the Canada PR. The points system is entirely based on the professional and educational background that includes factors like Age, qualification, work experience, Language ability, adaptability etc. Your minimum score should be 67 points out of 100 to apply for the PR visa.

The PR holders get the same benefits as citizens of Canada. Go through the benefits that the permanent residency holder gets:
a) Get the right to reside, study, and work in your profession in the country without any obligation.
b) After completing three years in Canada, you will be granted citizenship.
c) You get access to the best health care benefits and social security facilities, like Canadian Citizens.
d) You get protection under laws and rules of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

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