Australia or Canada-Which is the Best Place for Overseas Immigration?

Do you want to Immigrate to Canada or is it the land of Kangaroos, Australia, which one is your preeminent voice? You must be frustrated and it’s kind of perverse to make up your mind for one nation, right?  Both, Australia and Canada, are the most loved Immigration destinations among the foreign expats across the globe. Because of their resilient policies, Immigrant-friendly environment, and tremendous possibilities, both the countries come in the list of Best 10 countries to immigrate to as per the poll. After the implementation of strict Immigration rules and policies in the USA, many people are deviating their ways towards these countries for better opportunities.

Australia, the Land Down Under, comes in the immigrant’s mind after the USA. The quality life people slant in the US, you get the same flavor here with the little tinge of exquisite Australian Culture and Lifestyle. Living Canadian lifestyle is like will-o’-the-wisp and every aspirant dream of it. Both nations provide immense support to their residents and have an abundance of programs and services for their upgrading. So, take a dive to get the unequivocal information about Australia and Canada:

a) Cost of Living

Canada is less costly than Australia. Whether you take consumer prices, rent prices or Local purchasing prices, Australia is much costlier than Canada.

b) Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Both Australia and Canada offers several healthcare facilities to its Permanent Resident holders as well as to its citizens. Australia runs its Medical healthcare scheme called Medicare. In Canada, all the individuals whether men or women have gotten equal rights and treated equally irrespective of gender.

c) Education

Canada is home for many top-universities, so does Australia. Canada has a good public education system, which is mainly managed provincially. In both the countries, the education system is divided into three parts – Primary, Secondary and Territory Education. However, keeping all the points in mind, Canada is the best country in serving the education.

d) Safety and Security

Maple Syrup and Kiwis Land both have strict laws and rule against criminals and are considered as the safest places in the world. As per the data, safety scale of Canada is around 60.43 whereas of Australia is 57.24. However, crime Index in Australia is 42.76 and that of Canada is 39.57. Both the nations have almost equal points.

e) Job opportunities

The unemployment rate in Australia is 5.4% which is almost similar to Canada i.e. 5.8%. The unemployment rate in both countries is very less as compared to the other developed countries. Both countries face a shortage of skilled workers, therefore, they have designed Various Visa Programs for the expats who want to try their luck.

So, Is It Australia or Canada?

For Immigration approval, Australia demand skill assessment and Canada requires Educational Credential assessment. If you want easy Immigration, Canada would be the better choice as getting positive Skill assessment is tougher. Immigration policies are less lightens in Canada. Canada is of the same size as of Australia. The present population of Canada is 37, 055, 668 and Australia is approx to 23 million. Above listed points are some important data about both the countries, if you are still in fix, it would be better to take assistance from consultants.

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