EB5 employment based immigration (Permanent work visas)

USCIS constructed the EB-5 visa program to bring skilled investors from overseas into the nation to promote global economic growth. In this program, entrepreneurs can apply for a green card or permanent residency status if they are ready to invest in a commercial enterprise of US and promises to offer 10 permanent full-time job positions for qualified U.S. workers.

What you need to be eligible for the Visa Program?
Basic Requirements

  • Invest in a commercial enterprise of US and promise to offer 10 permanent full-time job positions for qualified U.S. workers within a period of 2 years.
  • Perform a minimum investment of US$1,000,000.
  • Candidates investing in a high unemployment or rural area will require making an investment of US$500,000 only.

How EB5 visa works?

Step 1 – The EB-5 applicant must sort out a suitable business project to invest in.

Step 2 – After selection of the project, the applicants must invest the required capital investment amount in the project and also file an I-526 petition as an evidence of the investment.

Step 3 – File a visa application for EB5 visa and become US resident for a period of 2 years in order to implement the project funded.

Step 4 – File a visa application for permanent residency under EB5 visa program after the completion of 2 years by submitting I-829 petition to USCIS.

How much time does the process takes?

The Duration for Visa processing depends upon the particular case lodged and is based on personal circumstances.
A time period of 4 years on average is taken to process this visa application for overseas applicants if all the requirements are met.

Benefits for EB5 visa

  • Live and work permanently in the United States after a short period of 2 years.
  • Visa holder’s spouse and children can accompany them in the United States permanently.
  • Travel outside the US.
  • Sponsor close relatives for US permanent residence.
  • Apply for US citizenship if eligible.