Temporary Relaxation In Visa Rules For Doctors In The UK

The Government’s resolution to invite more doctors and nurses in the NHS was provisional, said by Home Secretary- Sajid Javid. This news has blown to the upshot that there would be contrary in the relaxation rules by the UK Govt.  The judgment was drawn that some stipulations may be inflicted on immigration numbers.

The latest statement given by Javid to the UK Migration Advisory Committee (MAK), eliminating doctors and nurses from the cap of Tier 2 Work Visa was temporary.

As per the recent data, the rate of lodging visa applications for the Tier 2 Work Visa was way higher than the yearly limit of 20,700. Therefore, in June 2018, there was an expulsion of doctors and nurses after the strong warfare held by the Medical group and NHS. The less tightening in rules was done in order to discuss the tremendous rise in Workforce crisis in the NHS. Even, the Senior Doctors raises their solicitude and considered this step as aggravate and ill-judged.

According to the Guardian, Javid has told MAC to examine the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). In addition, he also mentioned that since last December the cap for the Tier 2 General has been under pressure which lately, has resulted in denial places for the number of occupations.

Employers in the UK are exempted to advertise for some jobs to the local job market in the SOL. When Tier 2 matches up with its annual quota, this displays an outcome that these occupations have taken as the priority over others. The decision to limit the number of Medics has not received the green signal from the Matt Hancock, Heath and Social Care Secretary. The struggle to recruit and retain staff for the NHS has been a major and apparent issue in the UK. Around 10,000 vacancies are available in the NHS but no locals are interested to be the part of it. Therefore, the move to exclude doctors and nurses from the yearly cap of Tier 2 Work Visa came into the limelight. This step has opened the doors of various places being freed monthly for other skilled professions.

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