South Australia Updated Its Occupation List

Immigration South Australia has updated its Occupation List on 30th October 2018. The aspirants who are looking forward to applying for South Australia State nomination including International Graduates of Australia can check whether their occupation is in demand.

Check here: Updated South Australia Occupation List

South Australia State has segregated its occupation list into two parts. The first one is State Nominated Occupation list which includes all the occupations that are in high demand and the other one is Supplementary Skilled List that includes the occupations that are not enlisted in the state list.

State Nominated Occupation List includes all the occupations of STSOL that are in high demand in South Australia.  The candidates who are looking for Permanent Residency via the General Skilled Migration program in SA must have their occupation enlisted in the State list. And, the Supplementary Skilled List reflects all the occupations of STSOL that are not available in State Nominated Occupation list of SA.

To be eligible to apply for occupation mentioned in Supplementary List, you have to meet the additional requirements:

  1. You must be an International graduate of South Australia.
  2. The work experience of at least 12 months in the skilled occupation in SA should be mandatory.
  3. You must have the family member living permanently in SA for the period of two years and more.

This list is valid for those individuals who either are International graduates of South Australia or are already living in the state. The applicant with exceptionally well qualification and work experience is also eligible to choose an occupation from the list if it is available.

To apply for SA State nomination, you have to make sure that your occupation is available on the list and you have relevant work experience in that field.  You are advised to consult an Immigration expert before applying.  For more information, contact our Immigration experts by calling on official helpline +91-7042184185 or write down your queries to info@makevisas.com.