SINP Have Updated Its In Demand Occupation List

The Saskatchewan Occupation List got updated as per the SINP latest news. The update is made to Saskatchewan Immigrant (SINP) categories of Express Entry and Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation sub categories. Following are the updates in Saskatchewan Immigrant (SINP) in-demand occupation list and Saskatchewan Immigrant (SINP) categories of Express Entry 2018.

SINP in-demand Occupations

Following are the changes in the SINP Occupation in-demand category of SINP:-

  • • Job offer is not required.
  • • Eligible candidates must also score minimum 60 points out of 100 points SINP point assessment grid.
  • • Candidates’ application to this base category is received on first come first serve basis and is processed entirely outside of Express Entry system.
  • • Candidates must ought to have at least an year of experience in the past 10 years of education and training in the skilled occupation i.e. in National Occupation Classification (NOC)  0, A or B which is considered to be in-demand in the Saskatchewan province.

In-demand occupation updated lists

There are 33 occupations listed in updated list of in-demand occupations in Saskatchewan province. Out of these 33, seven occupations do not require any licence and rest 26 does require license from Saskatchewan’s Government. Licensure process may be completed from outside of Canada in many of these cases.

In-demand occupation

SINP has defined 26 out of 33 Saskatchewan PNP Occupation List that require a license to pursue that particular job. Following is the list of those in-demand occupations:-

As a part of the update, SINP has removed some of the previous in-demand occupations. Those removed in-demand occupations are being listed below:-

Removed Occupations List

NOC Number


NOC 2147

Computer Engineers
NOC 2242

Electronic service technicians

NOC 2225

Landscape and horticulture technicians and specialists
NOC 0911

Manufacturing managers

NOC 0912

Utilities managers
NOC 2173

Software Engineers

NOC 2175

Web designers and developers
NOC 4162

Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts

NOC 0211

Engineering Managers
NOC 2131

Civil Engineers

Following are the changes that have taken place in the International Skilled Worker-Express Entry of SINP :-SINP International Skilled Worker-Express Entry

  • • Job offer is not required.
  • • Eligible candidate’s applications would be served as first come first serve basis in Express Entry Pool.
  • • Candidates who are declared successful ought to have 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  • • The enhanced sub category has been attached with federal Express Entry. Therefore, candidates must meet the eligibility conditions to enter into express entry pool.
  • • Eligible candidates must also score minimum 60 points out of 100 pointer SINP point assessment grid.
  • • Candidates’ work experience must be related to the education that they had pursued and must fall in the category of NOC 0, A and B that is considered by Saskatchewan as in-demand in its province.

Recent SINP activity

In-demand occupation list of SINP opened on June 7th and accepted the candidatures on first come first serve basis.  They took 400 applications on this date.  After the acceptance of applications, the applicants will receive a provisional nominee certificate.

SINP’s Express Entry pool opened its doors couple of times in 2018 and they quickly reached the thresholds and closed within few hours’ time.

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