Introduction of Regional Settlement Program by Australian Government May Splash New Immigrants

Australia Government is intending to put forward the Regional Settlement program compulsory for new immigrants. As per the reports of the daily newspaper, the cabinet of recently designated Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison may apply the regional settlement plan requisite for the new immigrants, especially, the immigrants under skilled worker and family steam.

The newly appointed Australian Government may examine the mandatory regional settlement program for the new immigrants for the span of five years when they arrive in Australia. To diminish the overpopulation factor, which is nimbly expanding in the cities like Melbourne and Sydney, this step has come into thought.

As per the freshest data, released by Australia’s Department of Home Affairs- almost 87% of the overseas population ends up residing in Melbourne and Australia which directly influences the regional areas of Australia which is grappling with the low population factor.  If this proposal gets the green signal, the new immigrants will have to settle in the regional areas of Australia. Howbeit, there is no official statement given by the cabinet government about this.

The purpose to interject this Regional Settlement program is to raise the population in regional areas.  After spending the five years in the regional areas, the new immigrants will continue to stay in the same area because of the network and reputation they will form in that area, workplace, etc.

Currently, the Australia Government has some visa categories like Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489, Regional sponsored visa subclass 187 and subclass 887 that allows the new immigrants to settle in the regional areas of Australia. The Australian states have their own state nomination programs, under which the new immigrants have to live for the span of two years in that particular state.

Additionally, the permanent residents nominated by State government, are granted with an option to switch to the other state, under certain conditions. Relocation of immigrants to different states because of the reasons like fewer jobs opportunities and much more, mostly happen in the cases of subclass 190 visa holders.

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