Quebec Immigrants Can Now Navigate Process of Credentials Recognition Through New Web Portal

The immigrants from now onwards can get their employment foreign credentials recognized with help of newly introduced information portal. This portal will include all the questions regarding credentials recognition process.

The new system of information exchange is known as qualificationquebec.com which has been completely funded by the Quebec’s Immigration Ministry (also called as MIDI). The new information system enables the candidates to check whether the intended profession is regulated and also what is needed to get their work experience, education, and training recognized. Along with it, also determining what organizations are responsible for doing this assessment.

Not only this, the new portal also discusses about job prospects for a particular profession in the different region of Quebec. Additionally, there is a facility of talking directly to counselors either online or on phone call which make the searching smooth for portal visitors.

Though all the information recorded in the beta version of the portal is in French, but the seekers who desire to call counselor are invited to do so in English. The portal is managed by a herd of experts who belong to a group named Qualifications Montreal. This group has served their expertise in Montreal for many years. MIDI funding has now allowed the organization to operate and bestow services in the area of Quebec to expand its mandate.

The expanded mandate of Qualification Quebec is explained by the MIDI as-

  1. Promote skill recognition services,
  2. Helping the recognition of skills in the institutions in Quebec’s education and higher education network, professional orders and other regulatory agencies,
  3. Provide training and intervention tools to those who are involved in the skill recognition field.
  4. Setting up intervention teams in consultation with relevant partners, who can deliver solutions to

    every problem which may come in between of skill recognition process.

In conclusion the main idea behind introducing this new information system is to guide the candidates through 500 trades and professions in both language English and French. This initiative is a collaborative effort between Qualifications Québec, MIDI, Quebec’s Ministry of Education and Higher Learning and its Ministry of Work, Employment and Social Solidarity.

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