Quebec issued First Invitations to Candidates with an Arrima profile

Quebec issued  invitations to applicants has finally begun. Recently, this promising province has issued its first invitations to Quebec Skilled Worker Program candidates having an Expression of Interest profile in the province’s Arrima system. On July 4, invited candidates received email notifications. The candidates who received an invitation have to lodge a complete application for a Quebec Selection certificate (or, CSQ) within the span of 60 days.

The most-talked-about Quebec’s Arrima System was introduced in the year 2018 to organize the bank of candidates applying for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Through Arrima applicants create an Expression of interest profile which gets submitted into the bank of QSWP applicants. Applying for Quebec Immigration is the pathway to get permanent residency status in Canada. 

The Quebec Government has made it clear at the beginning itself that the first invitations through Arrima will prioritize those candidates who either are employment offer from an approved Quebec employer or who match one of the below-given candidates:

a) had their application for a Quebec Selection Certificate terminated on June 16, 2019, and were a temporary resident of Quebec when they had applied; or

b) had their application for a Quebec Selection Certificate terminated on June 16, 2019, and were working or studying in Quebec at that time.

On June 16, 2019, certain Quebec immigration laws were being amended then passed which eventually lead to the cancellation of around 16,000 pending applications to the QSWP. The rejected applications were filed prior to the commencement of Arrima system, which Quebec’s Immigration Ministry (MIDI) says is more conducive to matching immigration candidates to the specific labor needs of employers around the province.

Applications that fall under any of the two prioritized groups affected by the amendments and the ones who have not created an Arrima profile can create one if they want to receive an invitation to apply for a CSQ until December 16, 2019. MIDI also cleared that from July 4 till January 16, 2020, several invitations rounds are going to happen for the prioritized candidates mentioned above.

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