Quebec announces New Personalized Intergration Program for new Immigrants

Quebec Immigration introduced a new personalized immigration program for new immigrants. Now, the Immigrants will get assistance from the Immigration assistant officer who will follow their case thoroughly. Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion, Simon Jolin-Barrette provided details about the new personalized support program on August 8, 2109. It is a part of the provincial government’s immigration laws that passed legislation in June. Its prime focus is to give complete support to newcomers and let them help in blending into Quebec society.

To settle in Quebec as a permanent resident, overseas individuals have to first attain Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which is issued by the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI). Quebec nominates immigrants on its eligibility criteria. Once the candidate has received CSQ, he/she should apply to the Federal government for the permanent residency.

The moment, CSQ is being issued to the potential immigrant, he/she will get access to resources and a designated Immigration officer. The candidate will get complete information about Quebec regions, acknowledgment to their qualifications, and also, get the chance to take an online French course. Candidates who get a permanent resident visa will be recognized at the airport and get the invitation to meet designated integration assistance officer in five days to set up an individualized action plan.

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This new program consists of four steps that include

  1. • Arrival
  2. • Francization
  3. • Addition to the job market
  4. • Community integration

Candidates having interest in the socio-cultural societies and Job market in Quebec can opt for a course to explore more about it and interesting candidates will be given an incentive of $185 for participating. Jolin-Barrette mentioned that this new program is a 20 million dollar investment project that includes creating 84 new government jobs, 78 Integration Support Officers and six Coordinators. He further added that providing enough support is must to support newcomers and for the successful integration of immigrants into Quebec society.

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