Check Out The Points Related To The Occupation Ceiling Of Australia

One of the lightest ways to settle in Australia is to apply under the General Skilled Migration Visa. It is a well- known fact that this scheme is not an open system as it contains several occupation ceiling in order to secure jobs for the citizens of Australia or to meet high demands.  The occupation ceiling is the limit set for every financial year by Department of Immigration to allow intake of a specific number of migrants. Basically, certain places are fixed for the particular occupation under the GSM Scheme. For the year 2018-19, the occupation ceiling has been announced by the Department of Home Affairs.

The occupations that are high in demand in Australia are Trade-related occupations following by Livestock Farming, Nursing, and Civil Engineering.  The occupation ceiling conditions apply to the Skilled Migration programs under the Subclass 189, 190, and 489 visas. The aspiring aspirants may check the places available for their occupation in the Skill Select.  The foremost

An invitation is a green signal given by the Government to the applicant to apply for a visa program under the GSM Scheme.  The applicants should be aware of the fact that if once the limit of occupation ceiling has been reached, no further invitations will be issued to the applicants. Despite scoring the highest points you will not get the invitation if the immigration quota of that particular occupation is full.

To receive an invitation for occupations like Accountants and IT professionals, you need to achieve a good score as it includes a high volume of applications.  While for Trade Occupations, the score is less as a lesser number of applications are received. For the year 2018-19, the annual limit is 190,000 and it is segregated into three streams: the First one is Skills and under this, around 128,550 places are being offered in 2018-19. The second stream includes Family stream which is the pathway to citizenship and around 57,400 places are being offered in 2018-19. The third one includes the Special eligibility stream and it covers those applications which don’t get a place in the rest two streams.

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