New Canada Agri-Food Industry Immigration Pilot to be launched

The Canadian Government is looking forward to giving attention to the agriculture food sector of the country, therefore, has planned to launch a new three-year Immigration Pilot program.

Recently, in the budget which was held in March 2019, the Canadian Government stated that:

“To help the Agri-food sector meet Canada’s ambitious export targets and attract and retain needed labor, the federal government will launch a three-year immigration pilot to bring in full time, non-seasonal agricultural workers that will include a pathway to permanent residency.”

The Federal Government decision has been supported by the Canadian Meat Council (CMC). The CMC said that they are making 2,750 vacancies for Immigrants for the spots like meat packers, meat processors and equipment supplier which are not fulfilled by Canadians.

As per Canada’s Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table information published September 2018, there is an urgent need to meet the labor shortages going on in the agriculture sector and programs like permanent immigration and temporary foreign worker help in attracting the workers.  There is a daily contribution of $304 million and $111 billion annually from Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food system into the economy of the nation. Though, the Federal Government’s Immigration division, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), is still to announce details on the pilot.

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