New Campaign Targets To Link The Employers With Immigrants In The Quebec

A new campaign under Quebec immigration has been organized this week whose main objective to introduce a new website to facilitate the overseas skilled job seekers in Quebec. The intention behind launching a new website is to allure the new immigrants to come and live in the regions located outside of Montreal region.

The website emploisenregions.ca is in French that assist the new permanent residents and foreign workers to search an appropriate job in the province Quebec.

The website will provide information on the number of available jobs in one’s area of training, and also the service of free expert employment advice and other free support services. The other may include from developing a career plan, constructing a CV and finding an accommodation.

The intention behind this is to link Quebec employers and integration service providers with the skilled workers job seekers to complete the labor shortage rising in the region.

It was observed by the mayor of Quebec City recently that the region Montreal receives largest number of newcomers as it is largest and cosmopolitan regions of the Quebec.

Delfino Campanile, executive director of the immigrant assistance organization said that their strategy is to assist the immigrants in making choices in the employment and witness the benefits of living in Quebec regions.

Promise is one of three Quebec organizations that are leading the campaign, along with le Collect if and ALPA, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec.

Labor shortage in Quebec region

Quebec had introduced year-over-year employment opportunities in the Canada especially in the second quarter of 2018 as provided by the Statistics Canada. The job vacancies in Quebec have received a sudden upsurge of 39 per cent over second quarter of 2017.

Capitale-Nationale and Estrie, are the two Quebec economic regions which have highest year-over-year development in job vacancies in the second quarter of 2018.

Meanwhile, the province’s Côte-Nord and Nord-du-Québec, Chaudière–Appalaches and Centre-du-Québec economic regions are the top five Canadian economic region holding the huge percentages of regular job vacancies.

It was declared by the Conference Board of Canada that Quebec is at the verge of confronting a labour shortfall of 292,000 workers by 2025 and this can only be solved by the admissions of skilled immigrants.

The newly elected government of Quebec has resolute to reduce the entrance of immigrant population in the province by 10,000 people for temporary. By arriving at 40,000 per year from 50,000 rather than increasing immigration from the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce and other business groups looking after the issue of labour shortage in the province’s regions.

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