New Brunswick to boost Immigration over next five years

New Brunswick Government is planning to invite immigrants to the province for the next five years to meet the economic and social challenges happening because of the aging population. The Government’s new strategy includes intake of 7,500 applicants each year by 2024. With this step, the population of the province will be increased by 1% and also, double the ratio of immigrants who are already settling in the province.

Recently, the New Brunswick’s Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, Trevor Holder, said – “ Population growth is crucial to the future success of our province”.

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The intake of new immigrants would help in escalating the province’s population and also, meet the requirement of the labor market. There would be a recruitment of skilled workers for almost 120,000 jobs in New Brunswick for over the next 10 years. As per the statistics provided by the New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC), the province is going to lose almost 110,000 workers in the same period, mostly to retirement.

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The population strategy crystal clear says that achieving immigration target would be possible mainly through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. With the NBPNP, the province can nominate a set number of eligible skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and International Graduates from post-secondary institutions of New Brunswick for permanent residency. On the other hand, the Atlantic program is an employer-driven program launched last year in the Atlantic Canada Region to hire international workers to fill labor gaps.

New Brunswick wants to achieve the Immigration target on the basis of four objectives:

a) Looking to hire entrepreneurs that can promote sustainable financial growth;

b) To create a healthy environment where new immigrants can settle successfully along with their families

c) Boost communities to make a province more open to immigrants and diversify.

d) Attract skilled workers that meet the requirement of the province’s market requirements.

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All the above-points are designed keeping in mind the factors like francophone, international students, international entrepreneurs and skilled workers, businesses, and communities.

a) To promote cultural capability training to the employers of New Brunswick.

b) Connect localities and community members to help newcomers during their process of exploratory visits;

c) To guide Immigrant settlement agencies to provide settlement services to meet the needs of new immigrant’s spouses and children;

d) Examine the Entrepreneur Stream of the NBPNP to ensure that newcomers can easily set up their business;

e) Boost International students to live and settle in the province after graduation;

f) To support provincial immigration programs in francophone markets;

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