New Brunswick needs Regsitered Nurses to serve its Population

New Brunswick demands urgent hiring of International Skilled and Trained Registered Nurses to meet the shortage going on in the provincial health-care system. As per the sources, the reason behind this urgent requirement is an increase in the aging population of the province than other jurisdiction in Canada, proclaiming it a ‘critical demographic condition’.

This province of Canada consists of the old-age population and has a high percentage of the population over 65 years old as compared to the other provinces of Canada. Even, an aging factor can be seen in the health-care system as 41% of Registered Nurses in the province are 50 years and above. On top of that, a massive decline can be seen in the admissions of  students in New Brunswick Bachelor nursing courses and with a  scratch of 30% nursing students, the provincial health ministry states that there is a shortage of atleast 130 Registered Nurses each year for the coming 10 years.

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The previous statistics shows that there might be a requirement of 1,300 Registered nurses by 2028, at the same time, there might be 4,376 job openings for Registered Nurses.

To deal with the issues, the province has come up with four major remedies. First one is the hiring of IENS from countries having "nursing education programs with similar nursing professional standards, competencies, and qualifications" like New Brunswick.

The Government is also planning for evaluation ‘to check any obstructions and find an area of improvement for IENs and improvise the application process. Also, looking for a program that would help IENs find work in the province health-care industry at the same time as their applications are in processing stage “to permit for a positive combination into the workers.”

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The provincial government is also planning to offer permanent employment to New Brunswick graduates and Registered Nurses from other regions of Canada/ countries provided they have to do a commitment of serving for at least three years in rural areas of the province.

The New Brunswick Health Minister, Hugh J. Flemming says that they have to deal with the shortage issue until they come up with a solution and have enough nurses to take care of the province population.

The province is actually in need of Registered Nurses who can look after is an aging population. If you are a Registered Nurse and looking for a solution to deal with issues, you can talk to our experts on official helpline +91-7042184185 or email your queries to info@makevisas.com.