New Brunswick Inviting Foreign Workers Due To Labor Shortage

According to new reports, New Brunswick has decided to welcome skilled workers to fulfill the labor shortage arising in the province. This will benefit the foreign candidates applying for Canada Permanent Residency.

The report says that the province will face massive decline of 110,200 workers by 2026, as discovered by New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC). This is because of the increasing age of local population and people leaving the workforce. During this period, only 76,000 students are going to graduate from the high schools of New Brunswick making the province short of workers in the coming decades.

This is causing the economy to suffer and has pushed some of the province’s employers to relocate to other parts of Canada or the United States. Additionally, if this trend perpetuates, New Brunswick will confront tax revenue downfall which can consequently jeopardize the health care which aged people needed the most.

1% Rise in Immigration Rate is Important

The Canada’s federal government is required to increase the rate of immigration annually by cooperating with the province. Alex Leblanc, Executive Director of the NBMC says that the province have to invite one percent of population through immigration to overcome the crisis.

It was declared by LeBlanc that New Brunswick will require an immigration plan to make its economy grow and flourish the local businesses.

Major Contributions By Provincial Nominee Program and Atlantic Immigration Pilot

New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) permits to nominate skilled workers, entrepreneurs and international graduates from New Brunswick’s post-secondary institutions for Canada PR.

Another program called federal Express Entry system responsible to manage the candidate’s profile by means of three federal economic immigration programs i.e. the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and the Canadian Experience Class.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program introduced last year is an employer-driven designed to help employers in the Atlantic Canada region to select skilled labor for filling the labor shortages.

Good Opportunities To Work in NB

Leblanc said that if you don’t have population growth or labor growth you can’t have economic growth plan. There is continuous effort in resolving this shortage and the provincial government is working for the same by increasing the allotment through Provincial Nominee Program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot or Express Entry system.”

Leblanc also mentioned that Atlantic Canada and New Brunswick are becoming good in providing quality of life and world class education opportunities. The province is an excellent place to work and bringing families.

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