Liberals Government is in Power again – Canada Elections

After months of long waith the Canadian election  finally ended on October 21 and once again Liberals came in the power but with a minority. With the win of the Liberal Government, it is crystal clear that promises made by the Government regarding the intake of Immigrants are going to take place provided needing approval from another party. It is quite understood that Liberals are going to be dependent on either of the part to pass any legislation through Parliament that demands conciliation or compromise. This time the competition between Liberals and the Conservative party was neck to neck but at last, Liberals managed to win the elections with a minority.

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Everyone’s eyes on the Municipal Nominee program

During their legislation period, Liberals came up with numerous economic-class Immigration pilot programs. The program that was of an utmost level was the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), which was promised by Liberals if they earn another go-ahead. Now, all eyes are rotating over the Municipal Nominee Program (MNP), which was guaranteed by Liberals to help small cities across the nation to attract more immigrants.

Apart from New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, the remaining provinces of Canada witness shifting of over 80% of the new population to their main city. The other programs which were launched by the Liberals were AIP and Rural Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), which have the specific selection criteria which are to be taken into consideration for the MPNP. It shows that the MPNP will allow employers in municipalities provided by the Federal Government to allow and support the Immigration applicants of new applicants to meet the labor market needs.

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Is the Immigration level going to be 370,000 immigrants by 2023?

It is expected that Immigration levels are going to take a surge irrespective of the fact that the Liberals won the elections with the minority. In the present plan, the target is supposed to increase from 330,800 in 2019 to 350,000 by 2021, and as per their promises during their election campaign, there is a confirmation of its continuation if they attain a new mandate. Learn more : Go through the Canada provincial Nominee programs for permanent residency 

How Canada Immigration is going to take a new shape from this date?

In the previous election, the Liberal government won by a majority, therefore, they came up with rules and policies to attract Immigrants. But, this time, it won’t be that easy for them as they are going to need support from the other party to pass any legislation through parliament.

Why Immigration was the main agenda during the 2019 elections?

It is obvious that the Liberals government was soft to Immigrants and even introduced new programs and policies to invite them across the world to meet the labor market needs. Wining once again in elections is a sign that locals of Canada are happy with the new Immigration policies and are open for Immigrants.

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Want to Immigrate to Canada?

After the elections, many Canada Immigration aspirants can look forward to immigration with lucidity and hopefulness. If you have plans to move to Canada and looking for assistance, you can always take assistance from the Immigration experts. To reach us, call on our Toll-free number +91-7042184185 or send your queries at info@makevisas.com.