IRCC Advises To Be Aware Of Social Media Traps

Fake consultants have tricked some immigration aspirants in Lebanon and Turkey into giving them a bulky amount of money

The Canadian government warns its immigration aspirants about the fraud done by some people pretending to be immigration service providers on the Facebook. According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), many fake pages are appearing on the Facebook which claim that they are highly-trained immigration professionals affiliated with the Canadian government and entice individuals into assisting them in immigrating to Canada properly. Such pages are mainly in Arabic, several of them are illegally using the official marks and images of the Canadian government to seem more reliable.


And, a large number of frauds are using the social media way to reach Canada immigration aspirants in Lebanon and Turkey directly promising them to provide them satisfactory service for their Canada immigration. Many individuals have been tricked into giving such frauds thousands of dollars.

  The Following Are The Important Points To Remember When Seeing Such Pages:  
  1.  The IRCC never utilizes social media avenues to offer resettlement services.
  2. If an individual wants to resettle in the country as a refugee, they have to be referred via the United Nations Refugee Agency, an approved referral private sponsorship group.
  3. The IRCC will never ask for any document or payment by means of any social media forms like WhatsApp or Facebook.
  4. The IRCC will never reach any individual by telephone or other mediums to provide resettlement services or Canada immigration.
  5. Those who want to hire an immigration firm to represent them need to confirm whether the firm is authorized or not.

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