Important updates and changes in Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is the skills assessing authority encompasses all the engineering occupations which are involved in the national as well as state occupation lists of Australia. It has been approved by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The applicants who are from an engineering background and want to migrate to Australia have to keep a check on all the necessary rules and modifications proclaimed by Engineers Australia. Apparently, EA has gone through various revisions and updates, hence, take a look at all the changes :

a) Skill assessment Fees update

The fees structure of the Migration Skills assessment services has been renewed and is applicable from 1st of September 2018. To know the exact fees structure, you must refer to the government website.

b) Extension of fast Track time

With the Fast-track scheme, it takes around two to three weeks to get the results of your assessments. However, in most of the cases, applicants get their results within the span of one week. From 1st April 2018, the Fast Track applications are entitled to the auditor for processing in a period of 20 working days.

c) Conditions of Plagiarism and Ethical Standard

Engineers Australia has certain Code of Ethics that should be followed by the applicants. The applicants should be careful about the factors like plagiarism, deceptive documents, and ethical behavior while submitting the documents. The main focus is on the Section C and Section D regarding the details of certain rules and ethics.

If any suspicion is seen in the career episodes like written by another person, there would be reverse consequences. :

a) Instant rejection of the application with the condition of 12 months official forbiddance.

b) All the details of the applicant need to be reported to the Department of Home Affairs.

You must submit the accurate information as the information provided by you is being checked with other government bodies and organizations for verification. EA gives the right of using the software applications to check your submitted content with the published content and with the other submitted applications till date. Providing false information is considered a violation of ethical conduct and standards.

According to the instructions of Engineers Australia, the career Episodes should be totally based on work conduct and written by you in your language. Submitting the work conduct of the others is considered as plagiarism and is a violation of the rules and ethics of Engineers Australia.

One should follow all the guidelines before writing your career Episodes. Below-given are some of the guidelines that need to follow:

a) Career episodes should be written by you and must include your work description.

b) Career episodes should be totally precise.

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