Important updates about Engineers Australia Skill Assessment Authority

Engineers Australia is a popular Skill assessment authority of Australia that helps in examining whether educational qualification and work experience of a candidate is as per the Australian standards or not. The important updates about Australia Skill Assessment Authority – Engineers Australia have been published for the skilled candidates applying for Australia Permanent Resident Visa. All the updates will be valid from September 1st, 2019.

Check out the updates published by Engineers Australia:

a) The new fee structure is going to be executed from September 1st onwards and now, applicants have to pay AUD 1270 including GST. b) There is a recent update in the RMA appointment form. c) There could be a change in ban period depending on the immoral behavior. The ban could extend up to 12-24 months.

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Before lodging the application under Engineers Australia, go through the following steps :

a) You have to submit a skilled application under your own name and EA Id. b) You cannot inquire about information request via MyPortal. c) To avoid any errors, make sure to go through the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet.

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