Immigration Plays Vital Role In Manitoba’s 2018-24 Labour Demand

As per the provincial government’s newly made seven year labour market plan, immigrants would expected to play a vital role in fulfilling labour market need of Manitoba.

As per the forecast 1,68,700 job openings would be there with a period spanning from 2018 to 2024, which makes to 24,100 opening per year. Almost equal number of workers – 1,68,700 - are expected to join Manitoba’s labour force.

As per records, Manitoba labour market has benefitted from a record  population through Manitoba PNP. This helps to allow province the set number of candidates to get nominated for permanent residence each year.

It also states that, the younger age demographics has helped to push the birthrate in the province which in turn has contributed towards the labour supply which is expected to continue over medium term.

Student Innovators and Skilled Workers a Major Focus

It is estimated that 13,100 immigrants would be welcomed by Manitoba annually till 2024 with majority of them arriving by the economic immigration programs which are managed by MPNP.

In past 20 years Manitoba has facilitated the arrival of 1,30,000 immigrants to Manitoba.

Majority number of immigrants i.e. around 90% of immigrants are employed within the first year in the province and the same percentage is retained within the province.

This year’s major innovators were dedicated immigration pathway that is linked to Federal Express Entry System. This stream manages the candidates under Canada’s three Federal High Skilled economic immigration programs i.e. Federal Skilled Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class and Canadian Experience Class.

Under the Express Entry stream, a candidate is guaranteed a processing time of six months or less for the applicants of permanent residents that it receives from high skilled candidates. This in turn allows for faster arrivals in the province of destination.

Occupations In-Demand

It is predicted that between 2018 and 2024 sales and services jobs would be having most openings which would come as a total of 33,300 that is 19.7% of total expected openings.

Business, finance and administration occupations would contribute to 15.7% i.e. 26,400. The law and social, community and government services occupations contribute to 14% of total job openings i.e. 23,600.

It is forecasted that majority of the job force would be replacing the aging workforce i.e. around 66%. Remaining percentage i.e. 34% of the jobs would be created through economic growth. The strongest expansion of demand would be in the years of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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