Check About The New Australia Parents Visa

The sigh of the relief for the parents who want to associate with their parents in Australia as the next year the Government of Australia will start a new temporary sponsored visa for parents. The acceptance of visa applications for the same will be accepted from the first half of the next year.

The Federal Government has declared the Migration Amendments Bill 2016 on 28th November 2018. And, the new Parents Visa has come out. The Immigrants community was hoping for such kind of visa for quite some time. As per the reports, David Coleman, Immigration Minister, said that this new visa would help the family members to reunite with their other family members residing in Australia. It would be a new path for parents and grandparents to come and visit their family. This visa will contribute with social benefits to the Australian community.

With this visa, the parents of Australian Immigrants can live with them for a period of five years. The parents will be eligible to continue their stay for five years without the condition of exiting the country. In the year 2017, when this visa was being announced, the fee structure was also told by the government. The fee plan for a three-year visa is $5,000 and the candidates applying for a five-year visa have to pay $10,000. The applicants with a five-year visa plan have to get renew this visa once for the same time period and at the same price. There is also a sponsorship facility put by the Australian Government for this visa. The migrants who are looking to sponsor their parents have to be the financial guarantors while sponsoring them. They are required to pay any debt to taxpayers in the case of a medical emergency.

This visa help in a reunion of parents with their families and at the same time protect the taxpayers. The visa will constitute of strict guidelines that help in recovering hospital and aged care fees.

Nevertheless, the new sponsorship framework is a two-step visa process. The first step consists of accessing the sponsor and if the sponsor is approved, they can lodge the visa application for the new Parents visa.

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