Termination of Priority Processing Requests for Australian TSS subclass 482 Visa

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has hit the Overseas Immigrants with the immediate announcement of ceasing the priority processing requests. The sponsors can no longer be able to request priority processing for Subclass 482 visa applications.

In the March of 2018, Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Subclass 482 visa was introduced as the replacement of Subclass 457 visa. TSS visa is a pathway for the employers to hire the overseas workers to meet the shortage gap which can’t be filled by the localities. It assures priority to Australian but also give full attention to overseas workers to meet the shortage gap.

To get the TSS visa, the applicant should be sponsored by the Australian employer to work in their nominated occupation. The instantaneous disclosure of annulling the priority processing requests by the Department of Home Affairs could affect sponsoring companies as well as overseas workers who’re looking for the work opportunities in Australia. Beforehand, the sponsors were able to request priority processing under below-given cases:

  1. The positions/sponsors were located in remote areas of Australia.
  2. The positions were part of the large-scale ventures and contracts with taut headlines.
  3. The nominee was already holding the subclass 457/482 visa, in case of, change of employer nominations.

As per the Ministerial Direction No. 77, the TSS visa applications will now be processed in the below-given order:

  1. Applications that are lodged by approved sponsors.
  2. Applications lodged for positions in remote areas of Australia.
  3. Applications register under the Labour Agreement Stream
  4. All other applications.

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