Canada to Attract More Indian Job Seekers

Due to tightening of US work visa requirements the immigrants are looking forward to Canada as the alternative option to immigrate. According to the figures released if we compare scenarios of August 2016 with July 2018 former had only 6% of searches of jobs by Indians in Canada as compared to 13% in latter case. According to the economist Brendon Bernard, it is due to change in tone of American policy on work visa and immigration there is a dip of 10% in searches of jobs in US from India.  

Brendon Bernard also noticed that US H1-B visa attracts the high skilled workers from the continent of India, especially from the fields of science, engineering and information technology. As per the figures of 2017 almost three quarters of H1-B visa were Indians. Moreover he also noticed that these Indians are also searching high skilled job, which were the part of H1-B visa, in Canada. The jobs included are:-

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. Project Manager
  4. Software Developer

As per Bernard, US still attract more immigrants than Canada. But he also mentions there are various reasons as to why Canada is becoming more attractive for international workers.

Canada’s tech sector has been attracting attention of several industry giants, especially it has a booming tech sector. For example recently Microsoft announced its new Canadian headquarters set to open on 2020. Also Joe Greenwood, working with Toronto based innovation hub MaRS Discovery District, has explained how the Canadian tech ecosystem is growing and gaining attention globally.

He also added that foreign or international workers who moved to these tech hubs became leaders in their respective fields. Canadian industry can cash in this opportunity and expand their operations.

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