Australia revealed information about Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491 visa

Australia has introduced two new regional visas to invite and attract skilled migrants in regional areas. These two regional visas, Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491 and Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa Subclass 494 will come into an effect from November 16, 2019. The much-awaited visas replaced the existing visas Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489 and Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 187 and going to offer 23,000 places each year. Subclass 491 and Subclass 494 visa holders are supposed to stay and work in the designated regional areas until they are eligible for permanent residency in Australia.

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What are the key features of the Subclass 491 visa?

Subclass 491 is a temporary visa that enables eligible skilled workers along with their families to live, work and study in regional Australia for five years. It is a point-based visa where an application must have a state nomination or a sponsorship from an eligible family member who is settled in designated regional areas.

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Go through some features of Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491

a) A total of 14000 places are allocated each year.

b) Over 500 occupations are eligible

c) Candidates till the age of 45 years can apply.

d) The visa duration is for five years.

e) Have to live and work in regional areas for at least three years to be eligible for permanent residency.

f) Regional areas include every part except metropolitan Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Perth.

g) Visa holders can move from one regional area to another.

h) Pathway to the permanent residence via Subclass 191 that will come into an effect from November 16, 2022.

i) The application fee is $4,045 and the partner fee is set at $2.025.

j) The application should be earning a minimum wage of $53,900 per year for three years (concessions may apply).

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Check out how points are going to award:

a) 10 points for a skilled partner or spouse

b) 5 points for applicants with a spouse or partner with competent English

c) 10 points for single applicants

d) 15 points if nominated by State or Territory

e) 15 points if the applicant is sponsored by a family member residing in regional Australia

f) Certain STEM qualifications will get 10 points

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Pathway to Permanent Residency (PR)

It is a temporary visa which is a pathway for permanent residency for applicants provided they have to meet the stay and work requirements in regional areas for three years before filing a subclass 191 visa which is a permanent residency visa. The applicants have to meet the minimum taxable income requirements of $53,900 each year for three years. Though there is no news about concessions being applied to this condition. Pathway to permanent residency is going to be open from November 16, 2022.

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