Around 24000 Visas granted by two year old Canada’s Global Talent Stream

Canada’s global skills strategy grew two years old last week. This particular stream has been a vital part in Canada’s immigration system and has welcomed almost 24,000 highly skilled foreign workers through its flagship Global Talent Stream. Canadian employers enjoy easier access temporary foreign workers in various categories including IT, science, technology, engineering and mathematics under the Global Talent stream. There are 13 occupational categories to be precise.

Computer engineers, computer programmers, software engineers and designers and web designers and developers are the occupations covered by Global Talent Stream.

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, emphasizing on how Canada’s technology sector has struggled over the years said that “As Canada’s technology sector has historically struggled to attract the talent it needs to scale up, this is precisely the type of talent our Government had in mind when it first launched the [Global Skills Strategy].

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  1. The country’s ICT sector is set to be boosted by 216000 new job vacancies by 2021 according to Canada’s Information and Communication Technology Council (ICTC).
  2. Global talent stream was made permanent by Government of Canada in March.
  3. Global talent stream was basically launched to fulfill the labour needs that aren’t usually met by Canadian workers.
  4. Majority of Indian citizens are recruited through Global talent stream.

A Labour Market Benefits Plan must be created by employers who use the Global Talent Stream that contains details of mandatory and complementary benefits of hiring skilled global talent for Canada’s labour market, such as job creation, skills and training investments.

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Employers using Global talent stream are aiming to create 48000 jobs and over 12500 paid co-op positions. They will also be dedicating a humongous amount of $113 million to skills and development training.  There is a very high demand for tech workers in Canada and these workers have various options at their disposal to attain permanent residence. British Columbia and Ontario are the two most active provinces in this regard, the former’s tech pilot program provides eligible job offers in 29 occupation which proves to be a great pathway to permanent residence for the tech workers whereas the latter has also announced that it is going to launch a similar pathway.

The country’s principal program, Express Entry Stream has also been a major route to permanent residence for the people associated with technical background. 2017 was the year when people with technical background received most number of invitations.

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